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  • Gnawa Fire Dance – Chefchaouen – Morocco 4K 🔥 – YouTube
    Chill & Explore11.8K subscribers🇲🇦 Gnawa Fire Dance – Chefchaouen – Morocco 4K 🔥📍 Kasbah location :📅 Was shot the September 5, 2019 with a Panasonic Lumix GX80 and the 25mm f1.7 lens
  • 10 Days Left! Amazing Maker Awards – Make: Community
    Designed to Celebrate and ConnectWe’re excited to announce the inaugural Amazing Maker Awards, aka the Makeys! This juried competition will highlight the creative, technical, and social contributions of makers and the impact of their projects all over the world, selecting and featuring the most amazing projects in an annual online showcase. Source: Amazing Maker Awards – ...
  • 16 Questions about One Photo with Taiwo Aina: The Women and Culture of the Osun Osogbo Festival | Flickr Blog
    Taiwo Aina is a visual storyteller and filmmaker who specializes in documentary stories and creative portraiture. She is based in Abuja, Nigeria. She currently creates works around daily experiences in human life and the societal issues that affect them, women, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Taiwo is interested in capturing beautiful moments. She loves to travel and ...
  • 2,100-year-old burial of woman lying on bronze ‘mermaid bed’ unearthed in Greece | Live Science
    Archaeologists have unearthed the ancient burial of a woman lying on a bronze bed near the city of Kozani in northern Greece. It dates to the first century B.C. Depictions of mermaids decorate the posts of the bed. The bed also displays an image of a bird holding a snake in its mouth, a symbol ...
  • 24 Hours in Tochigi | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner – YouTube
    Utsunomiya in Tochigi prefecture is famous for Gyoza and we know the BEST place for it. However there’s more to Tochigi than just gyoza. Check out Oya Green Tourism for detailed information in English.
  • Chinese New Orleans Chicken Wings – YouTube
    Origin story and an easy recipe for Chinese New Orleans chicken wings.
  • 4 Bento Style Hotdog Patterns |
    Bento style hotdog art is based on the premise that the hotdog will puff, curl, and then contract when it is cooked.  So when you cut the patterns in the hotdog, they will split apart when heat is applied.   Try these designs, modify them to your liking, and make new ones of your own.  ...
  • Recreating A 200-Year-Old Meal From The Oregon Trail – YouTube
    Today, Josh and Emily are recreating a meal from the Oregon Trail! Meals of History Ep.10
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Avoid When Eating Ramen – YouTube
    Ramen is a popular food which Japanese people love, so there aren’t any strict rules or anything. However there are some things that you could keep in mind in order to eat neater, when you visit a ramen restaurant.
  • 8 Mind-Blowing Beauty Standards Across Africa – YouTube
    Mind-Blowing Beauty Standards Across Africa. What is beauty? The old saying – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder takes a more literal meaning when we consider the diversty in opinion about what makes a person beautiful, gorgeous and appealing around the world.
  • A century ago, Alexander Friedmann envisioned the universe’s expansion | Science News
    Then, at the end of the 1920s, the cosmos disclosed its most closely held secret of all: It was getting bigger. Rather than static and stable, an everlasting and ever-the-same entity encompassing all of reality, the universe continually expanded. Observations of distant galaxies showed them flying apart from each other, suggesting the current cosmos to ...
  • A History Of The African Dance That Went Viral – YouTube
    History of the African “shuffle” dance of the Kweni/Gouro people, that went viral.
  • A Monk Who Wears Heels – NHK WORLD-JAPAN – YouTube
    Kodo Nishimura is a Buddhist monk, makeup artist and LGBTQ+ activist, each identity an expression of his desire to live life without limitations.
  • A Viking Feast Worthy of Thor & Odin | Ancient Recipes With Sohla – YouTube
    Get your battle axe ready – Sohla is taking us back to 800 AD to recreate a true viking solstice feast. This feast includes Skause, a viking stew, along with a traditional Birch Bark bread.
  • About Bindi |
    Bindi are the stickers used to ornament the face, in the area of the “third eye”.  When a mark is drawn there, it is called a “tilaka”.  The sticker is a “bindi”, and when there is a pendant dangling from a chain secured in the hair, it is called a “tikka”. They are put on the ...
  • African Village Life//Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food for Dinner – YouTube
    Cooking Most Appetizing Delicious Village Food for Dinner, making African chapati, a delicious, rich flat bread, with stew for dipping.
  • African Village Life – Cooking Most Delicious Village Vegetables Tsatsatsa Zamburu and Ugali – YouTube
    Cooking pumpkin leaves tsatsatsa zamburu (also known as muboora) and ugali. Pumpkin leaves are very good for you and tasty with coconut milk and tumeric.
  • African Wrestling Dance Where Fighting, Dancing and Singing Goes Hand in Hand – YouTube
    Welcome to 2nacheki Africa Dance show in todays video we will look at African Wrestling Dance Where Fighting, Dancing and Singing Goes Hand in HandAfrican Wrestling Dance Where Fighting, Dancing, and Singing Goes Hand in Hand
  • Africans Are Taking Surfing Back
    I discovered the book Afro Surf – and it changed my life.In the book, it says that surfing independently developed from the coasts of Senegal to Angola. It was a total mind shift. I thought, “Wait a minute. You’re trying to tell me that this is part of my culture? Part of who I am ...
  • Alright- Supaman feat. Neenah (Produced by Nottz) – YouTube
    It was a blast collaborating with Implement Productions and the Montana Film Office on this one of a kind vision! Off the Medicine Bundle Album available now!
  • An Italian Tries to Cook Without OLIVE OIL – YouTube
    An Italian Tries to Cook Without OLIVE OIL - YouTube
  • Ancient temple dedicated to Zeus unearthed in Egypt | Live Science
    Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered the remains of an ancient temple built to honor Zeus-Kasios, a deity sporting the features of both Zeus and the weather-god Kasios, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Monday (April 25). Source: Ancient temple dedicated to Zeus unearthed in Egypt | Live Science
  • Athlete’s Cookbook: Ibtihaj Muhammad’s Shakshuka Shake-Up . Nike IL
    On this episode of “Athlete’s Cookbook”, Kia takes a cue from the fencer’s travels in Morocco, creating an untraditional twist on shakshuka that’s surprisingly good—and shockingly green. Source: Athlete’s Cookbook: Ibtihaj Muhammad’s Shakshuka Shake-Up . Nike IL
  • Attic Red-Figure Skyphos (Getty Museum)
    An unusual scene decorates both sides of this red-figure drinking vessel (skyphos). On the front, a woman stoops to drink from a large skyphos. The girl behind her balances a full wineskin on her head and carries a bowl and a jug. The reverse shows a storeroom full of household items. Source: Attic Red-Figure Skyphos (Getty ...
  • Bloodywood – Dana Dan (Indian Folk Metal) – YouTube
    Dana Dan is a graphic commentary on sexual assault and the need to eliminate it. It begins with the reflexive, almost homicidal rage we feel when we hear about these crimes, before moving on to a more level headed call to arms. It culminates in a gentle appeal for all of us to reflect on ...
  • BRAND NEW EPISODE | TIME TEAM – Dig Two: Day One (Oxfordshire) Series 21 – YouTube
    Time Team continues with its second brand new excavation in a decade. New presenters Dr Gus Casely-Hayford and Natalie Haynes join team members old and new to investigate a huge Roman villa on the estate of Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire.
  • British Cooks Taste Test Sri Lankan Food & Cooking Methods!! | Sorted Food – YouTube
  • Chakula cha Mchana! Part Three: Lunchable Recipes
    Basics | Coffee | RecipesRather than repeat what others have done, I’ll stick to recipes that are suitable for lunch time.  These would be things that are made of leftovers from the night before, and/or can be prepared and packed in 15 minutes or less.  Most people don’t want to wake up too early in ...
  • Chakula cha Mchana Part Two: Coffee
    Basics | Coffee | RecipesIn modern Africa, and the Levant, coffee is an important part of life.  There’s even a special super-strong bitter coffee that is usually served at weddings and holidays.  Without it, an event just wouldn’t be the same.  Normally though, coffee is served very mildly sweet, and often spiced with cardamon, or ...
  • Chakula cha Mchana! Time for lunch
    Chakula cha Mchana! (Swahili for, “Time for lunch!”) Basics | Coffee | RecipesLong before the first bento box was laquered in Japan, Africans were carrying their lunches to school and work.  The traditions vary from country to country and across ethnic groups.  I haven’t managed to find any specific information on special containers, but here and there ...
  • Chicken Gizzards in Goji Berry Sauce Recipe |
    If you’ve tried other chicken gizzard stews or dishes and didn’t like them, try this recipe.  Goji berries might be a trendy superfood for some, but in Asia and some parts of eastern Europe, it’s just part of the standard seasoning for chicken or other poultry.  When you try it, you’ll see why.  Their ...
  • Cult designer Shayne Oliver on his return to fashion| Hood By Air | PLATFORM
    Interview by Martin Lerma Shayne Oliver is ready for a comeback. His New York-based label Hood By Air changed fashion by unapologetically showcasing Black thought and queerness when it launched in the early 2010s. But the brand has been on hiatus since 2016. Platform spoke with Oliver about why now is the right time to restart ...
  • Destroying Ancient Artifacts for Profit Is Nothing New – YouTube
    In the last couple weeks, a tiktok account went viral for (allegedly) breaking a 3000 year old bowl for profit. Tragically, the destruction and looting of ancient artifacts is nothing new. Come learn with me about mummies, explosive archaeology, bone stealing, corpse medicine, and a criminal craft store.
  • Dining with the dead – Ancient rituals to celebrate the day of the dead – YouTube
    In the Caucasus highlands of Georgia, the people still cultivate their ancient rituals from pre-Christian times. The Svanetians are convinced that their ancestors continue to exist right next to them. In the icy winter cold, they set the table on their graves and even invite the deceased family members to their homes.
  • DISCOVERING DEVI, ‘Impressions of the Observer’ – YouTube
    The Raadha Kalpa Dance Company presents: DISCOVERING DEVI‘Impressions of the observer’
  • Diver Discovers Underwater Treasure Beneath Pharaoh’s Tomb – YouTube
    Underneath a 30 foot high, 2,300 year old pyramid and cut into the earth’s bedrock is the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh, ruler of the Kingdom of Kush. These southern neighbors of the ancient Egyptians were similar to their neighbors of the north in several ways. They enshrined their leaders in pyramidal tombs, only the ...
  • Donations Progress June 2022
    For the sake of transparency, I’ll be posting here to tell you what the current situation is as far as donations. The sites in the Network are funded out of pocket and by donations and contributions from readers and patrons. Our network lives on two hosting services for safety and security reasons. Due to ...
  • Eating ONLY Middle Eastern Food – YouTube
    Please consider donating to The Azraq Education and Community Fund! If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to them here: contact@theazraqfund.orgAll of the money donated will go to the school as well as all the ad money for this video!
  • Exploring the Italian Region that DOESN’T EXIST – YouTube
    MOLISE: The Italian Region that Doesn’t Exist | The Food of MoliseLegend says that Italy has a region called “Molise.” The only problem is that Italians can’t agree on whether it really exists or not! Today we’re wandering into uncharted territory to see if Molise is real and, if so, what kind of food they ...
  • Exploring the Queer History of the Old West… Yeehaw – YouTube
    The west was always queer. Much more so than you’d think. From unapologetic lesbians paving their own path to trans folks looking for freedom to the gay cowboys just searching for love, beneath the sands and dry earth lay the stories of LGBTQ folks waiting to be remembered. But while that history is full of ...
  • FREE ENTRANCE FOR ALL @ HO’OMALUHIA Botanical Garden – YouTube
    It’s really very nice botanical garden good for family outings
  • Fried rice with hoisin bbq ribs: r/UncleRoger
    Posted by u/JoshSmash81 on r/UncleRoger
  • Fundraiser by CeeJay Johnson : Help Indigenous Artist Escape Abuser
    My name is CeeJay and I’m an Indigenous (Lakota/Dakota/Lingit) Artist and Commun… CeeJay Johnson needs your support for Help Indigenous Artist Escape Abuser Source: Fundraiser by CeeJay Johnson : Help Indigenous Artist Escape Abuser
  • Giving Birth Was WILD in Classical Japan – YouTube
    Giving birth in Heian Japan. Let’s gooo
  • GOBI : BIRTH OF A LEGEND | Full ACTION Movie – YouTube
    After the king forbids music in his kingdom, his right hand takes over the throne and leaves him to die in the desert. But a group of musicians who secretly kept practicing the art of music aids the king for the final battle to get his kingdom back…Gobi : Birth of a Legend (2018)Genres: Drama, ...
  • Great Orme: Rare Bronze Age axe mould declared treasure – BBC News
    A rare Bronze Age artefact linked to an ancient copper mine has been declared treasure.Two pieces of a mould made about 3,400 years ago to make axes were found in 2017 on Conwy mountain. Source: Great Orme: Rare Bronze Age axe mould declared treasure – BBC News
  • Healing Scroll | Tigrinya peoples | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    In Ethiopia customized protective scrolls that interweave sacred imagery with textual prayers have been prescribed by traditional healers for over two thousand years. These were carried on the person of the individual to whom they were specifically dedicated to shield them from harm.Often the customized content of a scroll is astrologically determined. In Ethiopia as ...
  • Hello World and Dedication Post
    Eshu Elegbara! Master of the gate between the Orun and the Aye! Thank you for the ability and the means to build this website! Eshu Elegbara! Master and distributor of fortune and misfortune! We humbly hope that those who visit this site will find it beneficial and useful! Eshu Elegbara! He who holds the space between each ...
  • Hijab Is Not Just For Muslims
    When I first wrote this article in 2006, women around the world were in the middle of a sort of quiet revolution. Western countries had begun to extend their “war on terrorism” to policing how much flesh a woman had to show in order to prove that she was not a terrorist. This policing ...
  • Home EN — Design Fest Gent
    Design Fest Gent demonstrates what design can (and indeed should) be: inquisitive, experimental and activistic. The festival encourages creativity and will become a matchmaker for new collaborations between designers, knowledge institutions, organizations and the industry. These parties join forces because design is so much more than making objects. Source: Home EN — Design Fest Gent
  • How 15,000 Legendary Samarkand Bread Loaves Are Baked Daily In Uzbekistan | Big Batches – YouTube
    Uzbekistan is home to an iconic disk-shaped bread known locally as Samarkand bread. Named after the city of Samarkand, this bread is enjoyed year-round and typically eaten at the start of every meal.Unlike most mass-produced loaves, these breads are still shaped by hand and baked inside tandoor ovens.
  • How hijabi heistess was nabbed in action
    I read the Twitter posts as someone who was there was telling what was happening when she was caught. It was a wild moment. An iStore customer’s amusing account of a robbery attempt at the branch in Menlyn, Pretoria, on Monday has attracted much mirth on Twitter.An iStore customer’s amusing account of a robbery attempt at ...
  • How NOT to Get a Viking Rune Tattoo! – YouTube
    So, you want a badass Viking rune tattoo, eh? Don’t blame you! They’re pretty neat. But there’s a lot of choice out there and plenty of mistakes to make when you’re getting your runes inked, and you wouldn’t be the first to get a totally different word than the one you wanted on your skin!
  • How QAnon and the Wellness World Became Entangled | Well+Good
      The roots of modern yoga, alt health, and New Age spirituality are tangled with fascist movements of the early 20th century. It’s no secret that Nazis were enthralled by yoga and its esoteric promise of a super human, super-purified body. They turned to India—or rather, their own orientalist dreams of India—for inspiration as they imagined ...
  • How the World Eats Oranges (Greece, Sweden, Nepal, Portugal, Japan) – YouTube
    If you have the time, please watch, like, and subscribe on YouTube so Beryl gets credit for the view.
  • How to Make Cone Bells for Jingle Dresses and Skirts Out of Tin Cans
    Back in the day, I’m told that one branch of my ancestors, the Iswa, also called the Catawba, used to wear anklets made from turtle shells, to rattle while we danced. These days, it might be difficult to find them in some places, and there also aren’t so many turtles to spare. So many of ...
  • How to Make Hearing Aid Holders |
    This article was first published on ModernTraditional’s original free site whose domain no longer exists for that purpose, in the late 1990’s. There is new stuff available, but I think this is still relevant. Every child is different, and it’s good to know how to make a custom hearing aid holder. Hearing aids are very ...
  • How to make Spam MUSUBI 〜スパムむすび〜 | easy Japanese home cooking recipe – YouTube
    In this video, I am showing how to make Spam Musubi, Teriyaki flavored Spam meat over pressed rice. This is not popular in the mainland Japan, but well know in the southern islands, Okinawa.
  • How to Make Traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian Coffee! – YouTube
    Semhar Ghilwet teaches how to make traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian coffee. Click here to watch it on YouTube.
  • How to Recreate Ancient Bread | Gastro Obscura – YouTube
    What did bread from ancient Pompeii taste like? Farrell Monaco knows. The experimental archaeologist replicates ancient technologies and specific ingredients, even growing her own starters, to bring to life the breads that ancient Pompeiians would have eaten. But recreating the bread goes beyond culinary curiosity—baking it is a way to understand how one simple food ...
  • How to Sew a Baby Sling |
      I found this to be a godsend when my daughter was a baby.  The ones available in stores and catalogues were pretty, but didn’t hold enough weight, and couldn’t take much activity, and since I breastfed for 18 months, I needed a sling made of sturdier stuff that didn’t have a metal or plastic ...
  • How to Tie An African Wrapper |
    A “wrapper” or “African saree” is a popular dress in hot climates especially in Africa.  Called a sarong in some places, it helps to keep the body cool, the breasts supported and away from the skin underneath, and soak up sweat.  This is a lesson in the most basic way of tying on a wrapper.  ...
  • How to Tie an Updo Headwrap
    Here are instructions for how to tie a secure and elegant head covering for both long and short hair that uses the length of the scarf to create a layered effect. You’ll begin by taking one of the short ends of the scarf and tying it around your head from front to back.  The back ...
  • How to Treat a Bird Mites Infestation On the Skin |
    Have you spent the summer itching, but the doctor tells you that you don’t have lice? You may have bird mites. Many people have been popping up with bird mites in are spreading to areas they wouldn’t normally flourish, and many doctors don’t really know what to do about it because they’ve never seen it before.  ...
  • Huge BBQ Meat Smokers!! EXTREME BARBECUE Tour in Lexington, North Carolina! – YouTube
    Right in the heart of Lexington, North Carolina, Lexington Barbecue is known to be one of the best places for bbq in North Carolina. They slow smoke pork shoulders using a time proven process. The pork is ready, it’s chopped, mixed with sauce, and you can specify the different chopped coarseness you prefer. Along with ...
  • Hugh Clapperton’s Expeditions and Explorations – YouTube
    The death of Mungo Park and his men in Africa was a disaster.However, his reports encouraged the British to send another set of explorers.
  • Jessica Watkins is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to Join Space Station Crew | VIDEO | Black America Web
    *(CNN) — A SpaceX capsule carrying four astronauts — including the first Black woman to join the International Space Station crew — successfully docked with the ISS Wednesday evening, kicking off a five-month mission. Source: Jessica Watkins is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to Join Space Station Crew | VIDEO | Black America Web
  • Kacchi Biryani Bangladesh – KING OF BIRYANI for 30 Years!! (Watch the Full Process)! – YouTube
    DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Probably one of the most popular and loved foods of Bangladesh is kacchi biryani. It’s truly a demonstration of the incredible flavor and diversity of ingredients and spices used in Bangladeshi food. Today we have the special opportunity to see Bengali kacchi biryani made from start to finish, all the way from ...
  • Kimono Sensei’s Opinion On Foreigners Wearing Kimono ft. Kimono-Sunao – YouTube
    Shogo does an interview with Kimono-Sunao covering many questions about proper kimono wear and care. The last part of the video also contains a demonstration. Kimono-Sunao’s YouTube Channel… Kimono-Sunao’s video explaining the kimono coordination
  • Lilith: The Mother of Demons or The First Woman? (Demonology Explained) – YouTube
    Today we look at one of the most notorious female figures in the field of Demonology and ancient religion religion, Lilith the first wife of Adam or the mother of demons?
  • Lorne Klyne | Sweetgrass Bundles | Facebook
    just about time to harvest,,, wasnt able to get out last year,,, so hoping to get out this year,,,,(OJIBWE),,,,:”) Source:  Facebook
  • Lyla June – All Nations Rise (Official Music Video) – YouTube
    Lyla June - All Nations Rise (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  • Meals KIDS Love Around the World (Sierra Leone, Azerbaijan, India, USA, Italy) – YouTube
    Thank you so much to Nicky, Gabriel, Akim, Kate, Ada, Samuel, Deborah, Penny, Vinanti, Aarav, Avik and Chiara for sharing your favorite dishes with us! Watch on YouTube, like and subscribe! 🙂
  • Menus That Made History and Why? Ep.2 | Sorted Food – YouTube
    Today we explore another famous menu that made history! Will the normals pick up on all the hints or will Ben lead them down the garden path… Did you guess correctly? Comment below!
  • Mother’s Day Strike 2022
    The information leaked to POLITICO on May the 2nd with regards to the overturning of Roe V Wade was not the opening salvo of the war on everyone who has/had a uterus, but rather the death knell of an era in which the war had remained relatively underground. Source: Mother’s Day Strike 2022
  • Must-Try STREET FOOD TOUR in Japan | Nagoya – YouTube
    Nagoya’s Osu District in Japan is street food paradise. We’re back to try out more tasty and unique food offerings.
  • Namgyalma Long Life Offering | Garchen Buddhist Institute
    NamgyalmaLong Life OfferingFor the Long Life of His Eminence Garchen RinpocheApril 19 -25In celebration of His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche’s birthday, lamas from various Garchen Dharma centers will gather at the Garchen Institute. Source: 2022 Event Schedule | Garchen Buddhist Institute
  • Native American Two Spirit Fights to Keep Tribe’s Language Alive
    The ancestral home of DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren’s tribe is along the banks of the Catawba River, near the modern border of North Carolina and South Carolina. Thousands of years before first contact with Europeans, they called themselves Ye Iswąˀ, or “people of the river.” Source: Native American Two Spirit Fights to Keep Tribe’s Language Alive
    Pride FC was once upon a time the biggest MMA organization in the world. In Part 3 of the Rise and Fall of Pride, we explore the rise of the Holy Trinity of heavyweights: Fedor, Noguiera, and Cro Cop. We also take a look at the career of Shogun Rua, before performing a eulogy for ...
  • NO SESSO — Collections
    Italian for “no sex/no gender,” No Sesso is the Los Angeles fashion house founded by Pierre Davis in 2015. She helms the brand with Autumn Randolph and Arin Hayes; together they’ve created a line that challenges the conventions of fashion, art, culture and design. Source: NO SESSO — Collections
  • Noah’s ark was round – so the ancient tablet tells us | Books | The Guardian
    “The man who is tired of tablets is tired of life,” he announces in his delightful new book, The Ark Before Noah, which sets out to demonstrate that the biblical flood narrative was derived from stories that had been embedded in Sumerian and Babylonian society and literature for thousands of years. Source: Noah’s ark was round ...
  • Omani Empire’s Influence over Zanzibar and other East Africa Coastal Area – YouTube
    The East Africa Coastal Region was very important towards trading in the region. Long distant trades were conducted within that region.The importance of the area made the Portuguese to take control of the area. The Portuguese were pushed out by the Omani Empire who inturn established their own control.
  • Onion Rings Recipe |
    This is not a recipe for any sort of diet except the gratitude diet. It is a celebration of the onion. The way these are cooked, one is supposed to truly taste the onion. It takes into account that it is not an exact science because different onions have different skin and even the ...
  • Only by Comparing Their Histories Do We Realize Their True Potential – YouTube
  • Perfume Oil Reviews: Al Rehab and Ladys Essentials
     These are my reviews of a couple of my favorite brands of perfume oils, Al Rehab and Lady’s Essentials. Al Rehab Body Musk Body Musk is a very clean, crisp but soft scent.  It is somewhat reminiscent of a white musk, but a bit more happy and less sharp. It’s marketed to women, but it actually smells better on ...
  • Photo of the Day: Pancakes With Recipe |
    This is a photo of some pancakes I made a few years ago. I also snapped some of the process.   Oh you want the recipe? How to Make American Style Pancakes You’ll need: 3 cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 heaping teaspoon cinnamon, chai spice mix, or Chinese 5 spice mix Mix these together with a ...
  • Photo Of The Day: Snake Print Ankara Mask By Lisa Aigbe |
    Order a Snake Print Ankara Mask By Lisa Aigbe Lisa Aigbe is a Nigerian Italian fashion designer. She makes gorgeous masks, handbags, dresses, hats, wraps, and other clothing and accessories. She is both an excellent designer and seamstress, and has a good eye for what looks good with any figure. She has a lot premade, but ...
  • Racism for Sale – BBC Africa Eye documentary – YouTube
    In February 2020, a shocking video began to circulate on Chinese social media. A group of African children are being instructed, by a voice off-camera, to chant phrases in Chinese. The kids repeat the words with smiles and enthusiasm — but they don’t understand that what they’re being told to say is “I am a ...
  • Raising kids in U.S. vs Germany: Mom calls out differences
    The U.S. and Germany exemplify two very different approaches to addressing this issue. In 2005, Germany’s then-Chancellor Angela Merkel began expanding parental benefits and investing in child care (along with accepting young refugees from Syria in 2015). The result has been a much-improved birth rate. However, in the U.S., the fertility rate is still on ...
  • Readymade Suits Clearance Sale | Your Designer Wear
    Salwar suits are one of the trendiest suits, which are also known as Punjabi suits. This outfit comprises of three-piece – Salwar or trousers, Kameez or tunic, and Dupatta or scarf. The lower piece of the outfit is comfortable and loose-fitting, and the traditional kameez is mostly knee-length Source: Readymade Suits on Sale, Clearance Sale / ...
  • Rethinking the Term “Sub Saharan Africa” | The African Exponent.
    The power of Western agency means that they can construct words which speak exclusively to their perceived reality. The UN, EU, World Bank, IMF or any other big institution that you might think of has been leading in using the term SSA. It must be pointed out that even many governments and organizations in this ...
  • River pollution: Osun govt blows hot, declares war on illegal miners – Daily Post Nigeria
    The Information Commissioner stated that it has become imperative for the government to serve the illegal miners the last warning as the state would no longer fold its hands while they threw caution to the winds and ruin the heritage sites.Egbemode, who noted that the Osun River is not just a geographical landmark, added that ...
  • Slavery by Another Name | WETA
    Slavery by Another Name is a 90-minute documentary that challenges one of Americans’ most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery in this country ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. The film tells how even as chattel slavery came to an end in the South in 1865, thousands of African Americans were pulled back into forced labor ...
  • Statue of comfort girl in hanbok scheduled to reappear in Tokyo despite previous backlash
    The statue features a young girl sitting in her hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, looking ahead with a calm and quiet gaze, not smiling. She is barefoot, with her hands neatly folded onto her lap, and it is clear that she has the look of someone who has shouldered a great deal in silence. Source: Statue ...
  • Stuzo is a gender free apparel company for all humans to enjoy. – STUZO CLOTHING
    Stuzo was created with the mission to create a space in the fashion world where all are welcome without judgment. Inspired by love, people and life, we celebrate whatever shape or form you choose to exist in! Source: Stuzo is a gender free apparel company for all humans to enjoy. – STUZO CLOTHING
  • Summer Shopping on a Budget: Caftans
      Caftans are very simple dresses that are basically made from sewing together rectangular panels. They are very simple to make, or very inexpensive to buy ready made. The African styles often come with a matching “gelee” that can be used as a head wrap, khimar (“hijab” scarf), sash, or neck or hip scarf. They generally ...
  • Suppressed Histories Archives Upcoming Live Online Event: The Witches’ Goddess Vol X Secret History of the Witches- Posts | Facebook
    In June I’m doing a discussion rather than a visual show. I’ll be sharing excerpts from my unpublished MS _The Witches’ Goddess_ of Vol X of Secret History of the Witches. This photo shows the current state, with post-its and taped-on notes, some old enough to be printed in dot-matrix, back in 1985 or 1992. ...
  • Syracuse mayor tests city’s ‘9-cents-a-day’ diet to feed the poor, kickstarting the ‘Syracuse diet’ –
    City dieticians, nutritionists and government officials worked on a plan which walked a delicate balance between providing enough sustenance while not putting more strain on Syracuse’s budget. Source: Syracuse mayor tests city’s ‘9-cents-a-day’ diet to feed the poor, kickstarting the ‘Syracuse diet’ –
  • The evolving image of the European in African art from antiquity until the 19th century: from Roman captives in Kush, to Portuguese traders in Benin, to Belgian colonialists in Congo. | Isaac Samuel
    While studies of “otherness” have been recently popularized across various fields, they often focus on the images of foreign individuals or groups made by artists living in the western world (such as the depictions of people of African descent made by artists of European descent living in places where the latter were socially dominant), rarely ...
  • The Food Timeline: cake history notes
    According to the food historians, our modern carrot cake most likely descended from Medieval carrot puddings enjoyed by people in Europe. Historic evidence suggests Arab cooks of the Carrots are an old world food. imported to the Americas by European settlers. In the 20th century carrot cake was re-introduced as a “healthy alternative” to traditional ...
  • The Green Gang 青幫 – The Full History of China’s Most Powerful Gang | Old Shanghai – YouTube
    The full history of China’s most powerful organized crime group from Shanghai. In this video we discuss the early origins of the gang, the height of their power, the most prominent members and their ultimate downfall. The time period of the gangs operations span from the late 1800s to the late 1940s. The Green Gang’s ...
  • The History of Aksum Ancient Kingdom – YouTube
    The Aksum Kingdom was one of the ancient kingdoms that existed in the continent of Africa.The Kingdom was very wealthy, influencial and powerful.It’s territory can be found in the present day Ethiopia and some parts of Eritrea. At a time, the Kingdom’s influence got to part of middle east.Trade was a huge source of wealth ...
  • The History Of Beer – YouTube
    There’s nothing quite like a refreshing pint of beer, but did you know there is 10,000 years of history in this glass? Beer has been poured since prehistory. Slurped by Hunter- Gatherers & Pyramid Builders, Pharaohs, Vikings, the Inca and the Irish. Chugged from jugs, horns, skulls, steins, and even through golden straws used to ...
  • The History of the Wine Glass – YouTube
    The History of the Wine Glass - YouTube
  • The Legendary History Of Irish Pubs | Curious Traveler | Absolute History – YouTube
    Why is Dublin known worldwide for its pubs? Where did traditional Irish music come from? Why are there always flowers decorating a pub? What does the word “pub” mean? What is a “snug?” A Brian Boru harp? And how did a fella named Arthur Guinness become so important?
    Come with me as we explore the insanity of grown men who think they’re Ninjas, Boxers who don’t box, the crazy world of Sensei Seagal, and the… unnatural… abilities possessed by those on the dark side of the force… the no touch knockout masters.
  • The Man Who Took Down a $3 Billion Funeral Empire – YouTube
    “I made a huge mistake.” – Ray Loewen (probably) As one of the commenters says, she posts about death and funerals yet the scariest thing she’s posted as yet is about a corporation. I’ve seen the video on the health “guru” who starved her followers to death, but this Loewen stuff. This is just cold. Watch ...
  • The Northman Honest Review (some spoilers) – YouTube
    It’s late, it involved upload speeds of one mbps (that isn’t broadband, guys, come on), but here’s the review of The Northman at last! Directed by Robert Eggers and starring Alexander Skarsgard, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem afoe, Nicole Kidman and Claes Bang, it’s been touted and hailed as the most accurate depiction of the Norse and ...
  • The Other Great Gertrude-and-Alice Love Story: The Life and Legacy of Pioneering Photographer and Bicyclist Alice Austen – The Marginalian
    As a girl, abandoned by her father before her birth and raised by her mother in a cottage by an enormous sycamore rising strong despite the blackened interior hollowed out by lightning, Alice had watched Lady Liberty being built, part emblem and part promise. The statue was dedicated the year Emily Dickinson died and Alice ...
  • The Social Contract | Philosophy Tube – YouTube
    00:00 Introduction 03:21 What is Social Contract Theory? 16:42 Feminist Critiques 30:12 Critical Race Theory 38:12 Announcement: The Prince
  • The Terrifying Skinless Witches Of The American Southeast
    Invisible vampiric ghosts and witches without skin are a haunting part of a uniquely African-American culture in the Southeast United States. Join James Troup as he examines Haints & Boo Hags in Gullah culture and what methods were used to protect against them. Source: Watch | Facebook
  • The Ultimate Emoji Bread 🍞 Eric Kim’s Maple Milk Bread 🍑 – YouTube
    Join me on the quest to make the ultimate emoji bread. 🍞
  • Toni Morrison’s Opus About Confronting a Terrible Past | It’s Lit – YouTube
    Beloved is the magnum opus of the late, great Toni Morrison. It has become a key piece of literature taught in schools and is considered one of the great pieces of American literature. To understand Beloved, we must first look at the woman behind the pages: Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison.
  • Traditional Clothing of Sri Lanka |
    Originally, Sri Lankan people generally went topless, or only draped part of their clothing over their chests and shoulders when needed. Later, with the arrival of the Portuguese, widespread European colonist Christian ideology gave people the idea that the sight of women’s breasts was sinful. So much of what is “traditionally” worn in Sri ...
  • USDA Mea Culpa: Interview with Alison Hard | Health
    During our conversation, she talked about USDA efforts to advance tribal food equity, but also stressed that the agency is looking back at history and acknowledging the role that the federal government played in creating some of the inequities. “I think we can’t do the work in a meaningful, effective way to solve a problem ...
  • Vampires, Before Dracula – Mythillogical – YouTube
    Sharpen your stakes and grab your crucifixes, as Charles and Crofty rise from their crypts and delve into the folklore of Vampires, to discover the origins of one of the most popular creatures of modern horror.
  • What Eating Together Teaches | Hounon Agamaleté Gabligodo
    Behind this anodine act that is the simple act of eating together lies a whole lesson of living and a beautiful initiative that each of us must learn to know.” Everything is education in Africa. Source: Facebook
  • What This Mask Actually Represents – YouTube
    Shogo asks his Noh theater Sensei questions about various objects and techniques. ●Part1 of this video
  • Why African fashion is having its moment – gal-dem
    Africa is experiencing a cultural renaissance, musically, artistically (just look at Sketch’s new vibe shift) and sartorially. The continent, once excluded from the international luxury space, is now at the cusp of a full fledged takeover, with cities like Lagos, Johannesburg, Bakar and Nairobi holding their own among the likes of New York, London, Paris ...
  • Why don’t Americans use electric kettles? – YouTube
    It’s not really a mystery.links ‘n stuff
  • Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro (@kalhoroanthropologist) • Instagram photos and videos
    Explore the rock art of Pakistan with the only archaeologist documenting and preserving these to date.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro (@kalhoroanthropologist) 675 Followers, 254 Following, 2,471 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro (@kalhoroanthropologist) Source: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro (@kalhoroanthropologist) • Instagram photos and videos

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