Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy

Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy
Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy from YouTube

Understanding the sacrificial ritual and feast within Indo-European Culture, allows us to align it to the Proto Indo-European Creation Myth. And in this video we look at Society, Butchers, Sacrifice, and Philosophy to see how it brings all this together. This video does discuss sensitive topics such as human and animal sacrifice, and so please avoid watching if such topics will upset you.

► Instagram: ► Facebook Fan Page: Patreon: ► Join the Patreon: » In this video, Crecganford dives deep into the connection between ancient rituals of sacrifice and modern social rituals. It is absolutely riveting, and helpful in understanding the bases of some ways hierarchy plays out in many societies.

Why are flood myths in so many ancient stories? – Big Think

Flood myths, a painting of animals of varying kinds, cueing up to enter an ark that is floating in the distance.
Why are flood myths so common in stories from ancient cultures around the world? by Tim BrinkhofTim Brinkhof (

Could the prevalence of flood myths around the world tell us something about early human migration or even the way our brains work?

Especially common in world mythologies are stories about world-ending floods and the chosen individuals that managed to survive them, like the biblical Noah and Utnapishtim, the ark builder in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a text thought to be even older than the Abrahamic religions. In Aztec mythology, a man named Tata and his wife Nena…

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