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Dying and Rising in the Underworld (and other myths)

Dying and Rising in the Underworld

[embed][/embed] The Journey to the Underworld Motif appears in much mythology, but there are differences, alongside similarities that spread across thousands of miles, cultures, and years. This video looks into this motif, tells many versions of myth, including Persephone, Adonis, Inanna, and Baldr’s, and talks about them in context.

A Lost War of the Indo-European Gods? The Mythology of Conflict

[embed][/embed] Within many Indo-European and Near Eastern Mythologies there are stories of conflict, many of which, on the surface, feel like they are related. Could this mean that they are, that there was a huge war of the gods between pantheons now lost in time to more modern stories? This is what I’m going to…

Why 99% of Star Wars Fans DON’T Understand the Light Side of the Force

[embed][/embed] Who’s ready for some good old semantics? Do you really understand the Force? Watch this video to find out. If it sounds familiar and rings true to you, then you may want to read the books and explore your ancestral or adopted esotericism.

Jesus Had a Vagina (According to Medieval Christian Mysticism) – Tales of Times Forgotten

Jesus's wounds resembling a vagina in medieval art

About a month ago, a whole host of right-wing media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, NBC Montana, and Fox News, published a flurry of wildly sensationalist articles claiming that a dean at the University of Cambridge said that Jesus was transgender. As Candida Moss, a scholar of the…

Who is Lilith – Part II – The Kabbalah – Origins with Samael & the Qliphoth to the Seduction of God

Who is Lilith - Part II - The Kabbalah - Origins with Samael & the Qliphoth to the Seduction of God

[embed][/embed] From her ancient origins in Mesopotamia, Lilith would truly flower in the world of the mediaeval Kabbalah. In the pages of the mystical Sefer Zohar (Book of Radiance), we learn of her varied origins from the Divine Throne along with her husband Samael among the primordial Qliphoth, her merciless vengeance as Succubus and killer…

I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 1, 2, and 3)

I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don't Have To (Part 1)
I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 1) from YouTube

Howdy friends! In this video, we begin our deep dive into the wonderful and imaginative world of Graham Hancock, journalist, sociologist, pseudoscientist, and pyramid enthusiast.

[embed][/embed] In his most recent documentary series on Netflix, Hancock postulates the existence of an ancient lost civilization that dominated the world at the end of the last ice age. Throughout this series I will be taking a balanced look at this claim, weighing each piece of evidence presented, in an attempt to determine whether…

Why are flood myths in so many ancient stories? – Big Think

Flood myths, a painting of animals of varying kinds, cueing up to enter an ark that is floating in the distance.
Why are flood myths so common in stories from ancient cultures around the world? by Tim BrinkhofTim Brinkhof (

Could the prevalence of flood myths around the world tell us something about early human migration or even the way our brains work?

Especially common in world mythologies are stories about world-ending floods and the chosen individuals that managed to survive them, like the biblical Noah and Utnapishtim, the ark builder in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a text thought to be even older than the Abrahamic religions. In Aztec mythology, a man named Tata and his wife Nena…

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