Medieval People Got Stressed. Just Like Us! #History #Stress

[embed][/embed] I’m stressed. We’re all stressed. It’s why I don’t upload as much as I want. But if you, like many people, think that being stressed out of your gourd is a modern invention, I’ve got a few people you should meet from 600, 700, and a thousand years ago. Did you know that in…

Representing Medieval Space: A Panel Discussion

Representing Medieval Space

[embed][/embed] With historians Mária Vargha, Acer Lewis, and Madeleine Sterns: chaired by James Baillie. This panel was recorded as part of the Coding Medieval Worlds 3 event, run by Exilian and the University of Vienna Digital Humanities Group, on February 25, 2023.

Jesus Had a Vagina (According to Medieval Christian Mysticism) – Tales of Times Forgotten

Jesus's wounds resembling a vagina in medieval art

About a month ago, a whole host of right-wing media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, NBC Montana, and Fox News, published a flurry of wildly sensationalist articles claiming that a dean at the University of Cambridge said that Jesus was transgender. As Candida Moss, a scholar of the…

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