March 27, 2023

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Closeup of candle flame.

Closeup of candle flame.The network exists because of the generosity of our readers.

Efe West of Afroscientific Spirituality Master Class

Efe West is a physicist who sees no conflict between science and spirituality. He has developed a system for African spirituality that is respectful but easy to follow at the same time. Whether you’re an adherent or an advanced spiritualist, you can make your practice efficient while keeping the necessary traditions and standards. Membership is only $25 but you get personal instruction and guidance.

Arden Keren, Queen of Ile Baalat Teva

Arden Keren is a librarian and an experienced witch living in Israel, and the Queen of my Ile Baalat Teva. They are skilled in both western and African diaspora practical magick. As we all do in our ile, they are innovative but respectful, and operate with guidance from priests in Africa from the Ifa and Togolese Vodun traditions. Arden handles mostly local patrons, but if you are living elsewhere, they are very helpful with regards to historical perspective and directions to resources about all manner of mysticism. They teach witchcraft in a thorough and in depth way, and have had a heavy influence on the mystical community in Israel.

The Barlock

Bar Rosner is a graphic artist, cooking enthusiast, puppet maker, puppeteer, and male witch. He dabbles in video production, and is looking forward to deeper study and involvement in film making. On his site, you’ll find interesting art, photos of his puppets as they are being made, interesting videos, food, horror fandom, and other fun.

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