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We collect your mailing address when you send a donation so that we can send you goodies when we can afford to. If you like, we can also put a part of it towards our spiritual observances and give offerings on your behalf.

Lately, I’ve been getting more into technomagia, so if you donate $100 or help to promote the site regularly, I will make you a set of protective and attraction graphics that match your website. Please email me to tell me your URL and preferred image formats and sizes.

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If you are creating content that you’d like to promote on or one of our network sites, feel free to contact us. It’s really easy to be an author. We use WordPress, so it’s as simple as posting in just about any other blog or social media. If you need assistance with editing or making your articles “prettier” I will help you. I can also insert your standard promotional links including your pay link.

Unfortunately, we can’t pay writers yet, but you are free to advertise your business and post donation links in your articles. Email me to tell me a bit about yourself and what you write or create. If you see that some of your content is already linked to here, you’re already approved. Just send me the email address and username that you want to be associated with your account here.

Thank you for supporting us! Blessings and Ashé!

If you like what you see here, and want me to build and maintain a website for you, email me and we can talk about my rates based on your needs. I also edit captions in videos. My rates are around $150/hour depending on the size of the project.

A Note About “Simping”

It has come to my attention through some more socially adept friends and colleagues that donating to a site, especially one run by a woman, is now classified as “simping”. Men are being shamed for contributing to their favorite content creators.

I have an obvious interest in countering such notions, so I won’t try to explain how it isn’t “simping”, or how you get a return on your investment in feeling good about it or something. I am just addressing the “elephant in the room” so to speak.

If you’re worried about being a simp by donating to this site, let me put your mind at rest: yes you are a simp. You’re my simp. I treat my simps rather well. No pics of my wobbly bits, but if I have more time and energy to write, I can be much more entertaining in other ways. Of course I don’t see you as a simp. I’m just saying it’s not something that is anybody’s business. I won’t put you on blast if you don’t want to be, but I’m certainly happy to promote your work if it vibes with mine.

I’d like to travel. I’d like to see what kitchens and witching is like in other places from a witch’s point of view and not an anthropologist or spiritual tourist. I’d like to show my readers the aspects of that world that people are willing to share.

Meanwhile, hosting my sites costs money, and so does having time to write. So if you want to help with that, send us something.

My thanks to those who have already contributed and still are. I hope that I am doing well at showing you things and giving my perspective. I hope that I have made your world a bigger but at the same time, more cozy space despite some of its problems. I hope that I am helping people to love one another better and live in peace together on this planet. Blessings and Ashé!

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