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Thank you for your interest in commenting in ModernTraditional! We just have a few rules that we would like you to follow.

Please be respectful. We come from many cultures and backgrounds. We expect there to be some differences in opinion. However, on this site we are a little old fashioned, so not all opinions are valid. If it is your opinion that some human beings don’t deserve basic human respect due to their color, gender, consensual sexual orientation, ethnicity, or for any reason other than having murdered or violated someone in some way, your opinion, though your are welcome to have it, should not be posted here. We are not limiting your “freedom of speech”. You can build your own site where your opinions will be welcome.

Do not spam us. You are welcome to post your business links within reason, but keep it classy and on topic. We do not allow the promotion of products that are disrespectful or exploitative, especially of ethnic communities with mostly people with richer complexions. So please no skin lightening or hair straightening chemicals or products that are known to be dangerous means that some people use to make themselves appear more stereotypically European.

Religious and political posts are treading a thin line. Though we allow them, your politics and religion cannot be discriminatory or promote the idea that anyone is facing damnation or other punishment for non conformity to colonial “norms”. If you don’t know what that is, you are not sufficiently mature to post political or religious comments on this site. Also, be aware that if you misrepresent anyone’s faith, you will be challenged. I will not stop you from being called out or challenged.

Let’s keep it fun and inclusive! Here, you don’t have to worry overmuch about being “politically correct”, just respectful. If you step out of line, expect to be corrected, and be able to take correction without taking it personally. If you see someone out of line, feel free to correct them, but please bear in mind that we are all human and fallible.

Remember the human.

Speaking of human, this site is run by an experienced webmatron who was around since before “endless September”. If I see any bots, psy ops or Mueller report type of funny business, I am not standing for it. I am not a billionaire who has dilemmas about whether or not to tolerate misogyny, racism, or other haterism for the drama clicks.  My sites are funded by carefully vetted donors, sponsors, and blog hosting, not ads. Any ads you see are from plugin developers or third party services, not from me. I will delete any garbage and ban people.

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