January 27, 2023


Red Headwrap ModernTraditional.com began in 1996, but the website was launched in earnest around 1998. We got the domain around 2005. It started and remains an effort to provide education, instruction, and resources for people for whom being modern doesn’t mean being western. Some of our cultures were already very forward and progressive, and some of those from cultures that weren’t require a different approach than westernizing. Our needs and aesthetics are different, and this is something to celebrate.

There was also a need to inform people about how to take on an aspect of a culture’s style without negative cultural appropriation. If folks were going to wear things, they should be taught why and how to wear things properly.

For awhile, we funded the site with Google Adsense, but this became a problem because the “targeted” ads were not targeted enough. We are happy to have advertisements for businesses that have things our viewers would want to buy. Our viewers are not interested though, in companies that seek to exploit ethnic insecurities based on racism, and advertise harmful products such as skin lightening creams. Just because some are religious or spiritual also doesn’t mean we’re interested in anyone’s cult, conspiracy theories, or “pray away the Gay” camps.

So now we take donations and sponsorships so that we don’t need to use “targeted” ads to keep the sites.

A few years ago, I had some health issues that needed tending to, so I didn’t have time to maintain the site. Now I’m back and handling the backlog of work and things I’d put off or deprioritized while I was seeing to my health.

So please bookmark this site, and like and subscribe to my YouTube videos if you’re into African and diaspora spirituality. Visit our Facebook page, and while we’re rebuilding, it’s a good time to add your links so we can help promote your cultural sites.

Blessings and Ashé!