CrimethInc. : Escaping Washington for Freedom : Let’s not Celebrate George Washington, but the Slaves Who Escaped Him

Escaping Washington for Freedom (CrimethInc.)

This text is part of a larger examination of the Founding Fathers, colonialism, and resistance.

President’s Day, a federal holiday, observes George Washington’s birthday on February 22. Yet as a slave owner and profiteer on others’ servitude, George Washington is a poor exemplar of the struggle for freedom. Rather than looking to him for a model representing resistance to tyranny, let’s remember the slaves and indentured servants who sought to…

Indigenous People Have Been Here Forever. Why Won’t Archeologists Believe It? | The Tyee

Mammoth Painting
Indigenous People Have Been Here Forever. Why Won’t Archeologists Believe It? | The Tyee (The Tyee)

An Indigenous archeologist on how her discipline has shaped the view of the ground beneath our feet.

Well into The Indigenous Paleolithic of the Western Hemisphere, Paulette Steeves wearily observes: “Disagreements between archeologists over the peopling of the Americas have been so fierce that the field has been described as a battleground and an archeological badlands.” A battlefield might be a strange place to find Steeves: she is a Tier II Canada…

How to Make Cone Bells for Jingle Dresses and Skirts Out of Tin Cans


Back in the day, I’m told that one branch of my ancestors, the Iswa, also called the Catawba, used to wear anklets made from turtle shells, to rattle while we danced. These days, it might be difficult to find them in some places, and there also aren’t so many turtles to spare. So many of…

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