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Archaeological Tropes That Perpetuate Colonialism

Archaeological Tropes That Perpetuate Colonialism – SAPIENS (SAPIENS)

Two Indigenous archaeologists in the U.S. Southwest shed light on how “abandonment” and similar terms continue to cause harm.

Two Indigenous archaeologists from the U.S. Southwest shed light on how “abandonment” and other common archaeological terms continue to cause harm. They offer insights into how to rewrite narratives of the past.

Overanalyzing Ravenous

Overanalyzing Ravenous
Overanalyzing Ravenous from YouTube

A leftist vegan queer feminist analysis of Ravenous (no this is not a joke). Atun-Shei Films on Patreon ► https://www.patreo… A leftist vegan queer feminist analysis of Ravenous (no this is not a joke). Support Atun-Shei Films on Patreon ► Leave a Tip via Paypal ► Buy Merch ►… Official Website ► Original Music by Dillon DeRosa ►

The Abandoned Forest Haven Institution in Laurel, Maryland | Abandoned America

The abandoned hospital building at Forest Haven
The Abandoned Forest Haven Institution in Laurel, Maryland | Abandoned America (Abandoned America)

Forest Haven in Laurel, MD was never a great place, even when it was open. Now that it’s abandoned, it’s become something of an urbex playground despite its dark past.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the District Training School made the transition from a relatively innocuous treatment and training center to what one investigating attorney described as “the deadliest known example of institutional abuse in recent American history.” In the beginning, at least, things appeared uneventful. Then, in 1954 a man was arrested in…

Missouri House Republicans vote to defund libraries

Missouri House Republicans voted to defund all of the state’s public libraries

Missouri House Republicans voted to defund all of the state’s public libraries, in a proposed $45.6 billion state budget that will soon move to a vote in the GOP-controlled state Senate.The Missouri House debated for over eight hours last Tuesday on a budget that is roughly $2 billion less than the one Gov. Mike Parson…

The next act in the fight against Line 3? A museum on treaty rights – Minnesota Reformer

The former Carnegie Library/Enbridge office in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Courtesy photo.

A treaty between the United States government and the Ojibwe (or Anishinaabeg) signed in Washington, DC, nearly 170 years ago will be the main focus of a new museum set to open this summer in Park Rapids.But far from being a history museum, the organizers behind Giiwedinong: The Museum and Cultural Center of the North…

Marilyn Monroe: No Rest Even in Death

Marilyn Monroe

[embed][/embed] It’s safe to say that Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous celebrities to ever walk the earth. While alive, she was bombarded by the constant pressure of fans, producers, and virtually everyone else to constantly “perform”. To make their money, or make them happy. Even in death, she is under insurmountable pressure…

UC Berkeley Professor Taught with Suspected Native American Remains — ProPublica

A Top UC Berkeley Professor Taught With Remains That May Include Dozens of Native Americans
ProPublica (ProPublica)

Despite decades of Indigenous activism and resistance, UC Berkeley has failed to return the remains of thousands of Native Americans to tribes. The university is still discovering more human remains in its collection.

White, a world-renowned expert on human evolution, said the collection was passed down through generations of anthropology professors before he started teaching with it in the late 1970s. It came with no records, he said. Most were not labeled at all or said only “lab.” But that simple description masked a dark history, UC Berkeley…

Doc Watson at 100: The virtuoso guitarist brought Appalachian music to a worldwide audience and influenced generations of musicians

Doc Watson

Arthel Lane “Doc” Watson was born on March 3, 1923, in Stony Fork, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but his music is as influential now – more than a decade after his 2012 death – as at any time during his long career. During that time he was arguably America’s most beloved folk…

Explore the Oldest Digitized Photos from the Schomburg Center | The New York Public Library

Type of Resource still image Genre Photographs Date Created 1840 - 1849 Division Schomburg Center

The Schomburg Center’s Photographs and Prints Division houses more than 500,000 photographs, lithographs, and engravings by and about Black people in the U.S., Africa, and the wider African Diaspora. Recently, 17 daguerreotype portraits in the Division dating from the 1840s to 1850s, most of them featuring Black subjects, were digitized and are now available to…

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