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Beryl Tries 5 Breakfasts From 5 Countries for 5 Days

Trying 5 Breakfasts From 5 Countries for 5 Days from YouTube

For 16 free meals with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code BERYL16 at you so much to Florek, Thien, Louis, Miriam, and Sangee…

In this episode, Beryl makes 5 favorite breakfasts from around the world. The highlight of this one for me is the maczka, a buttery, creamy Polish dish. It’s like something between a sauce and a porridge, and it is delicious simple food.

Food Theory: How to CONQUER Spicy Food! (Hot Ones Challenge)

[embed][/embed] What is the BEST way to stop the heat of a spicy hot wing? We’ve tested some zany solutions in the past, but this episode it’s about to get weirder. Hang with us as we complete the Hot Ones Challenge from @FirstWeFeast and try not to die from the heat overload. Plus stick around…

‘The British Took Our Land – We Want King Charles To Pay’

[embed][/embed] Half a million Indigenous Kenyans were violently evicted during British colonization in order to make room for tea plantations. Kenya produces more than half of the black tea imported by the UK and British companies still dominate the industry. Kenya gained independence from the UK 60 years ago. So why are Indigenous Kenyans still…

Did you know that avocados are also grown in Africa? | About Avocados, South Africa

Avocados in Africa

The production of avocados in South Africa started in the 1930s by Dr Hans Merensky who established the first avocado orchards at Westfalia Estate in the Limpopo Province. This company’s technical division: Westfalia Technological Services (WTS), has now become the world’s largest privately-funded subtropical fruit research organisation. The South African Avocado Growers Association (SAAGA) was…

Scientists Have ID’d the Worm in Your Mescal – Scientific American

Scientific inspiration can strike anywhere—even at a restaurant bar in Oaxaca, Mexico. That’s where a team of insect researchers decided to use DNA sequencing to identify what larva lurks in bottles of the nation’s iconic alcohol, mescal.“We were taking a break, we were at a restaurant, and then we just saw these bottles,” says Akito…

Hummus lovers here? Try VARDABİT: A Complete Vegetarian Meal with Beans & Tahini #TurkishFood


[embed][/embed] Today, we’re making a Turkish flavor sensation called VARDABIT!  It’s a star appetizer from the famous Turkish TV series ”AİLE”! In the series, Vardabit is Aslan’s favorite food. The mom makes this recipe for him and says, ”He only eats mine.” Featuring tahini and beans, this easy-to-make & flavorful dish is guaranteed to wow…

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