Beryl Tries 5 Breakfasts From 5 Countries for 5 Days

Trying 5 Breakfasts From 5 Countries for 5 Days from YouTube

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In this episode, Beryl makes 5 favorite breakfasts from around the world. The highlight of this one for me is the maczka, a buttery, creamy Polish dish. It’s like something between a sauce and a porridge, and it is delicious simple food.

Europe’s Secret Armies – The Polish Resistance – Full Documentary

The Polish Resistance

[embed][/embed] The armies of the countries of mainland Europe were powerless to stop Hitler’s war machine as it crushed all in its path during the early months of World War 2. The terrifying tactic of ‘Blitzkrieg’ saw city after city fall beneath the Nazi jackboot. The people of previously free counties began to look for…

Remains of ‘female vampire’ found with sickle across her neck and a padlocked toe in Poland – Arkeonews

A skeleton of what archaeologists believe may have been a 17th-century female vampire has been discovered near Bydgoszcz in Poland.The team of researchers from Toruń Nicholas Copernicus University found that the body in the village of Pień had a sickle placed around its neck to prevent her from returning to mortality, as well as a…

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