McMindfulness: When Capitalism Goes Buddhist

[embed][/embed] Buddhism is sometimes charged as the ideal religion for upholding unfair systems, encouraging practitioners to meditate ostensibly without acting on injustice. But is there more beneath the surface of Buddhism as taught to us under capitalism? And is this quality of “mindfulness” being, in fact, misused by neoliberals to continue exploitative economic systems?

‘The British Took Our Land – We Want King Charles To Pay’

[embed][/embed] Half a million Indigenous Kenyans were violently evicted during British colonization in order to make room for tea plantations. Kenya produces more than half of the black tea imported by the UK and British companies still dominate the industry. Kenya gained independence from the UK 60 years ago. So why are Indigenous Kenyans still…

Indonesian nickel boom is threatening farmers’ land rights and harming the environment

Nickel mining in Indonesia and ecological damage
AFP News Agency ( from Mediastodon

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VIDEO: Indonesia, the world’s largest nickel producer, has seen a huge rush by domestic and foreign enterprises to mine the critical component. But local residents say the nickel boom is threatening farmers’ land rights and harming the environment.

Nickel mining in Indonesia is turning coastal waters into muddy, contaminated sludge. 

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