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Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy

Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy
Sacrifice, Society, Butchers, and Philosophy from YouTube

Understanding the sacrificial ritual and feast within Indo-European Culture, allows us to align it to the Proto Indo-European Creation Myth. And in this video we look at Society, Butchers, Sacrifice, and Philosophy to see how it brings all this together. This video does discuss sensitive topics such as human and animal sacrifice, and so please avoid watching if such topics will upset you.

► Instagram: ► Facebook Fan Page: Patreon: ► Join the Patreon: » In this video, Crecganford dives deep into the connection between ancient rituals of sacrifice and modern social rituals. It is absolutely riveting, and helpful in understanding the bases of some ways hierarchy plays out in many societies.


Orunmila Songs

A sacred praises and a powerful song of IFA ( ORUNMILA ) . A suitable music to meditate your guardians angel ( IFA / Orunmila )#ifasong #isese #culture #musi…

Listen to this wonderful collection of songs for the Yoruba deity Orunmila. Orunmila’s domain is in wisdom, knowledge, intellect, and destiny. Aligning with him helps us to travel decisively and walk softly on this Earth.

When Right-Wing Extremists Crashed the French Drone Festival

Right Wing Extremists Crash the French Drone Festival
When Right-Wing Extremists Crashed the French Drone Festival by Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)

Set among ruins that predate Stonehenge, You Origin festival reshaped the work of Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley, Kali Malone, and more around meditative surroundings—despite some unwanted guests.

The entire weekend was shot through with an uncommon spirit of openness, as if everyone realized how rare an opportunity it was to see music in this meditative context. All the events converged upon an overlapping set of themes: the intersection of sound and landscape, space and time, presence and ephemerality. Above all, it felt…

Dying and Rising in the Underworld (and other myths)

Dying and Rising in the Underworld

[embed][/embed] The Journey to the Underworld Motif appears in much mythology, but there are differences, alongside similarities that spread across thousands of miles, cultures, and years. This video looks into this motif, tells many versions of myth, including Persephone, Adonis, Inanna, and Baldr’s, and talks about them in context.

Stolen Goods or Finders Keepers? Controversies at the British Museum

Stolen Goods or Finders Keepers? Controversies at the British Museum

[embed][/embed] Looking for more information about the British Museum? Watch my video about its top ten treasures. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about the controversies of the British Museum.

A Lost War of the Indo-European Gods? The Mythology of Conflict

[embed][/embed] Within many Indo-European and Near Eastern Mythologies there are stories of conflict, many of which, on the surface, feel like they are related. Could this mean that they are, that there was a huge war of the gods between pantheons now lost in time to more modern stories? This is what I’m going to…

McMindfulness: When Capitalism Goes Buddhist

[embed][/embed] Buddhism is sometimes charged as the ideal religion for upholding unfair systems, encouraging practitioners to meditate ostensibly without acting on injustice. But is there more beneath the surface of Buddhism as taught to us under capitalism? And is this quality of “mindfulness” being, in fact, misused by neoliberals to continue exploitative economic systems?

Why 99% of Star Wars Fans DON’T Understand the Light Side of the Force

[embed][/embed] Who’s ready for some good old semantics? Do you really understand the Force? Watch this video to find out. If it sounds familiar and rings true to you, then you may want to read the books and explore your ancestral or adopted esotericism.

How can Traditional African and Chinese Medicine Decolonise Global Health? Dr. Lai and Dr. Boubacar

Decolonizing Medicine

[embed][/embed] Join us for our fourth installment in the ‘Actions to Decolonising Development’ video series, where our Research and Policy Analyst, Sena Voncujovi, and Economist Consultant, Rugare Mukanganga, sit down with Dr. Lili Lai, Associate Professor of Anthropology at PKU, and Dr. Diarra Boubacar, a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together,…

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