How can Traditional African and Chinese Medicine Decolonise Global Health? Dr. Lai and Dr. Boubacar

Decolonizing Medicine

[embed][/embed] Join us for our fourth installment in the ‘Actions to Decolonising Development’ video series, where our Research and Policy Analyst, Sena Voncujovi, and Economist Consultant, Rugare Mukanganga, sit down with Dr. Lili Lai, Associate Professor of Anthropology at PKU, and Dr. Diarra Boubacar, a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together,…

This Herb FIGHTS Infection, RELIEVE Fever, Pain & TREAT Hypertension #LemonGrass #jamaican

💪This Herb FIGHTS Infection, RELIEVE Fever, Pain & TREAT Hypertension #LemonGrass #jamaican from YouTube

What Is Lemon Grass Good For? Watch for full disclosure. SEE ALSO 👉 Surprising Health Benefits Of Rosemary:…&v=CSOtruX9QnQ&

[embed][/embed] Twice As Nice! Today I revisited AA farms and met up with Ainsworth and his wife Addia. And this time we uncover the hidden secrets of Lemon Grass aka Fever Grass! Get ready for another exciting learning adventure as we continue this special series on these medicinal herbs of Jamaica

Sharing Medicines: Balsam Bark, Poplar Bark, Sage, Sweetgrass, and Wihkes. – YouTube

[embed][/embed] This is how they do it in Pine Creek, but don’t co-opt Indigenous practices from far off because they seem exotic. This should teach you why it’s important to learn your ancestral and local medicines from your people and the local Indigenous people if you can find them. Be one with the patch of…

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