How can Traditional African and Chinese Medicine Decolonise Global Health? Dr. Lai and Dr. Boubacar

Decolonizing Medicine

[embed][/embed] Join us for our fourth installment in the ‘Actions to Decolonising Development’ video series, where our Research and Policy Analyst, Sena Voncujovi, and Economist Consultant, Rugare Mukanganga, sit down with Dr. Lili Lai, Associate Professor of Anthropology at PKU, and Dr. Diarra Boubacar, a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together,…

Chinese Canadian Museum to open on the 100th anniversary of Chinese Exclusion Act – Hope Standard

Chinese Canadian Museum to open on the 100th anniversary of Chinese Exclusion Act

Canada’s first museum dedicated to Chinese-Canadian history will open in Vancouver on the 100th anniversary of legislation that curtailed immigration from China.Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport Lana Popham announced the Chinese Canadian Museum will open July 1, 2023 — one century after the federal government enacted the Chinese Immigration Act, also known as…

China Conference: Southeast Asia 2023

China Conference Southeast Asia 2023

China and the Southeast Asia region have been powering global economic prosperity for the last decade, resulting in exponential investment growth, technological advancement and population expansion, along with undesirable carbon footprints and fossil fuel usage. Amid the evolving geopolitical dynamics among the global powers, the economic miracle is set to continue on the slightly altered…

Chef Wang Shares Four Dishes in One Shot

Chef Wang shares Four Dishes in one shot - Four plates, a smaller square one with shredded green vegetables, a medium round one piled with corn salad, an oval plate with a fish dish, and a large round plate with soup.
Chef Wang shares Four Dishes in one shot (YouTube)

If you want to support me or want to see more behind-the-scenes surroundings and my life private photos, you can consider joining the “Kuanyou Gang” YouTube membership. Click the join button next to the subscription button and the details will pop up. The membership benefits are as follows:
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[embed][/embed] Chef Wang Gang (Uncle Wang Gang for Uncle Roger fans) shows us how to make a delicious four courses meal from fresh corn and perch fish. It is in Chinese, so if you need subtitles, turn on your closed captions with autotranslate.  

An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean

An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean
An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean from YouTube

Join FCAM 1st Vice President Paula Madison along with four scholars as we take a look into the history of the Chinese diaspora in the region.

[embed][/embed] Each will share their knowledge about the many facets of Chinese Caribbean culture and what makes their immigration history so compelling. ⁣⁣This program was recorded on February 2, 2021Topics include the formation of intermixed families, syncretism, and art. Together, the fascinating complexities of Caribbean culture make for a unique Chinese diaspora. ⁣⁣“An Untold Past”…

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