An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean

An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean
An Untold Past: Chinese in the Caribbean from YouTube

Join FCAM 1st Vice President Paula Madison along with four scholars as we take a look into the history of the Chinese diaspora in the region.

[embed][/embed] Each will share their knowledge about the many facets of Chinese Caribbean culture and what makes their immigration history so compelling. ⁣⁣This program was recorded on February 2, 2021Topics include the formation of intermixed families, syncretism, and art. Together, the fascinating complexities of Caribbean culture make for a unique Chinese diaspora. ⁣⁣“An Untold Past”…

Curry Chicken Trini Style! – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Curry chicken (not chicken curry!) is another favorite in T&T, made with seasoned, bone-in chicken pieces and curry powder, seasonings and pepper. Curry here is different from the Indian curries that use tomatoes, curry leaves and coconut milk. Find the full recipe on the blog.

Indian Food YOU WON’T Find in India!! EXTREME DOUBLES + Curry Roti in Trinidad & Tobago!!

[embed][/embed] SOUTH TRINIDAD – The Indian ethnic community makes up one of the largest parts of the population of Trinidad and Tobago. Today we’re going on an Indian food tour in South Trinidad – and while many of the foods are Indian in origin and cooking method, they definitely have adapted to become completely unique…

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