UC Berkeley Professor Taught with Suspected Native American Remains — ProPublica

A Top UC Berkeley Professor Taught With Remains That May Include Dozens of Native Americans
ProPublica (ProPublica)

Despite decades of Indigenous activism and resistance, UC Berkeley has failed to return the remains of thousands of Native Americans to tribes. The university is still discovering more human remains in its collection.

White, a world-renowned expert on human evolution, said the collection was passed down through generations of anthropology professors before he started teaching with it in the late 1970s. It came with no records, he said. Most were not labeled at all or said only “lab.” But that simple description masked a dark history, UC Berkeley…

Desert View Tower, Jacumba, California

Desert View Tower
Desert View Tower, Jacumba, California (RoadsideAmerica.com)

A lonely observation tower near the Mexican border, but with bonus boulders for kid play.

Along border-straddling Interstate 8, between San Diego and El Centro, Desert View Tower has been an enduring attraction. Yea, there’s a gaudy Indian casino miles west near Alpine, down in a ditch near the Reservation, but DVT is still the rest stop of choice. Source: Desert View Tower, Jacumba, California