The Gruesome History of Real Life Vampire Hunting – YouTube

We all know Buffy and Van Helsing, but the true history of real life vampire hunting may be stranger than fiction. From folk medicine exhumations to city-wide vampire hunts to $15,000 “Vampire Defense Kits”, come learn with me about the fears that created real vampires!

A symbol of Indigenous genocide: “The Man of the Hole” dies in Brazil

An Indigenous man known as “The Man of the Hole” has died in Brazil. He was the last member of his tribe, and the only inhabitant of Tanaru Indigenous Territory in Rondonia state, in the western Brazilian Amazon.The rest of his people had been massacred in a series of attacks…

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Dining with the dead – Ancient rituals to celebrate the day of the dead – YouTube

In the Caucasus highlands of Georgia, the people still cultivate their ancient rituals from pre-Christian times. The Svanetians are convinced that their ancestors continue to exist right next to them. In the icy winter cold, they set the table on their graves and even invite the deceased family members to…

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The Man Who Took Down a $3 Billion Funeral Empire – YouTube

“I made a huge mistake.” – Ray Loewen (probably)

As one of the commenters says, she posts about death and funerals yet the scariest thing she’s posted as yet is about a corporation. I’ve seen the video on the health “guru” who starved her followers to death, but this Loewen stuff. This is just cold. Watch and learn how exploitative some in the funeral industry can be.