January 26, 2023

An Indigenous man known as “The Man of the Hole” has died in Brazil. He was the last member of his tribe, and the only inhabitant of Tanaru Indigenous Territory in Rondonia state, in the western Brazilian Amazon.The rest of his people had been massacred in a series of attacks from the 1970s onwards, but little was known about his people as he resisted attempts to contact him. Known to outsiders as The Man of the Hole for his habit of constructing deep holes, some with sharpened stakes in them, he was filmed by a government team in 2018 during a chance encounter.

Source: A symbol of Indigenous genocide: “The Man of the Hole” dies in Brazil

He was also a symbol of resistance since he never gave up and kept fighting. Though he has passed on, there are undoubtedly still holes waiting for invaders who do not respect the forest.

May he rest in power and be fully refreshed in the embrace of the Ancestors. Ashé!

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