The Two Spirit Community is on the Frontline of Land Defense | Transnational

[embed][/embed] In this episode of Transnational, VICE News correspondent Alyza Enriquez travels to Canada to understand how the Two Spirit community is reclaiming their rightful place on the frontlines of land defense despite colonizations’ efforts to eradicate them.

Royal Portrait: The Regality of Indigenous Women | Arts & Entertainment

At the Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, a new exhibit just opened that features an Indigenous artist’s exhibition, Royal Portrait, emphasizing the importance of Indigenous matriarchs through reimagining royal regalia and portraiture. Source: Royal Portrait: The Regality of Indigenous Women | Arts & Entertainment

How to Make Cone Bells for Jingle Dresses and Skirts Out of Tin Cans


Back in the day, I’m told that one branch of my ancestors, the Iswa, also called the Catawba, used to wear anklets made from turtle shells, to rattle while we danced. These days, it might be difficult to find them in some places, and there also aren’t so many turtles to spare. So many of…

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