Donations Progress July 2022

Nicole Lasher standing in the central bus station at Lev Hamifrats in Haifa, Israel For the sake of transparency, I’ll be posting here to tell you what the current situation is as far as donations. The sites in the Network are funded out of pocket and by donations and contributions from readers and patrons.

Our network lives on two hosting services for safety and security reasons. Due to the situation of religion and politics, we have been attacked multiple times. We also host others, so we don’t have the luxury of the cheaper plans. It costs $2400 per month to run these sites.

Whatever doesn’t come from contributors has to come from personal funds, which right now are just my disability, which is not much because sexism. I’m considered a “housewife” by the laws here in Israel, because I don’t work outside of my home because of the disability. So I don’t get anything except for the mobility rating, which is around $174 per month.

My goal is to receive enough from the sites that I can tell them to keep their measly $174.

So if you like what I’m doing, feel free to donate to keep it free and free of algorithmic ads. I don’t wish to resort to plaguing my readers like too many other sites do. It doesn’t make much money until the traffic is very high, and even then it creates dilemmas like going for the clicks vs. going for accuracy; promoting things that are actually useful and informative to the readers vs. following the trends.

I just don’t want my sites to become annoying clickbait. I built these sites to share information, broaden people’s view of the world, and promote others who are doing the same. Speaking of which, if you need a blog with support, but aren’t ready to go it alone, and it’s about anything legal and cultural, please consider letting us host it. It’s $25 per month if you know how to use WordPress, and $100 per month if you need me to curate it for you.

Your blog would be in a directory, so your URL will look like:


but you are free to use your own domain. Just let me know what I need to do to make sure the redirection works smoothly. If you need cover because of religious oppression, I can buy a domain for you if you purchase hosting. However, after some years of experience, I understand it is better to have the blog in a directory, and I own some pretty good domains.

Domains available to be hosted on:

They all have their own sites with an existing web presence that is content rich, and not only related to advertising hosting, so they come with instant visibility. We deliver where social media just promises. There will be more in the future. To prevent problem bad faith users, we don’t do anything of this sort automatically. Contact me for details, and tell me a bit about the kind of site you’d like to build.

Now for the current news. We broke even for hosting costs in July 2022. Thanks to generous donors and website clients, we are able to keep the network going for another month. Hopefully that momentum with hold and increase.

So far, we are hosting three sites. I would like to thank Efe West, Arden Keren, and Bar Rosner for supporting us and our mission to provide the world with accurate information about our world and our craft.

As always, you can also order a reading or other spiritual services and help this site at the same time.

About K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of ModernTraditional, and other cultural and quirky sites. I am one of those odd people born to curate, with a real passion for marketing. If you have some art, music, writing, or other content that needs more love, feel free to contact me. I work on a donate when and what you are able basis. To do so, hit my Paypal or Patreon. Let's survive capitalism together, and try to have some fun confusing the exploitative.

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