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Seasoned Mini Dress by Water Witch Creations

Bitch! I'm not old. I'm marinated and seasoned.
Seasoned Racerback Dress (AOP) (

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Do you believe in paying Black women for our labor? This is a woman I’ve known for some time who has a daughter with autism. As much as I need an electric tricycle, I believe her needs are more pressing, so if you were thinking of buying some of my merch, shop her store first.…

Ancient Maya city was built with stronger plaster | Popular Science

An ancient Maya city might seem an unlikely place for people to be experimenting with proprietary chemicals. But scientists think that’s exactly what happened at Copán, an archaeological complex nestled in a valley in the mountainous rainforests of what is now western Honduras.By historians’ reckoning, Copán’s golden age began in 427 CE, when a king named Yax Kʼukʼ Moʼ came to the valley from the northwest. His dynasty built one of the jewels of the Maya world, but abandoned it by the 10th century, leaving its courts and plazas to the mercy of the jungle. More than 1,000 years later, Copán’s buildings have kept remarkably well, despite baking in the tropical sun and humidity for so long.

Source: Ancient Maya city was built with stronger plaster | Popular Science

Tailoring an 1890s Jacket to Live My Victorian Boss Dreams

Victorian Mod Boss Jacket

[embed][/embed] 🔎👒 Download June’s Journey for free here: Thanks to June’s Journey for sponsoring this video! ⤠ MATERIALS ⤟ Pinstripe fabric (~2m): UK Textile, Goldhawk Road, London Cotton silesia lining (~2m):… Horsehair canvas interlining (~1m):… Linen stay tape:… Thread: black cotton, black silk buttonhole twist (topstitching)

Kush: Ancient Sudan


[embed][/embed] Khartoum neolithic ceramics. Nabta Playa. Vulva petroglyphs. Stone figurines. Female icons of the “A-group” neolithic. Incised and painted pottery. Ritual stands. C-group archaeology. Megalithic burials. New styles of female figurines and incised ceramics. Black-on-red pots, a Nile valley pattern shared with late neolithic Egypt. The Kerma culture, class stratified kingdom with impressive architecture. Ivory…

Representing Medieval Space: A Panel Discussion

Representing Medieval Space

[embed][/embed] With historians Mária Vargha, Acer Lewis, and Madeleine Sterns: chaired by James Baillie. This panel was recorded as part of the Coding Medieval Worlds 3 event, run by Exilian and the University of Vienna Digital Humanities Group, on February 25, 2023.

Jesus Had a Vagina (According to Medieval Christian Mysticism) – Tales of Times Forgotten

Jesus's wounds resembling a vagina in medieval art

About a month ago, a whole host of right-wing media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, NBC Montana, and Fox News, published a flurry of wildly sensationalist articles claiming that a dean at the University of Cambridge said that Jesus was transgender. As Candida Moss, a scholar of the…

Naughty Nuns, Flatulent Monks, and Other Surprises of Sacred Medieval Manuscripts

Surprises of Sacred Medieval Manuscripts

Flipping through an illustrated manuscript from the 13th century, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jesus loved a good fart joke. That’s because the margins of these handmade devotional books were filled with imagery depicting everything from scatological humor to mythical beasts to sexually explicit satire. Though we may still get a kick out of…

Vatican returns Parthenon sculpture fragments in move that could add pressure on British Museum to do the same | World News | Sky News

Vatican Returns Parts of Parthenon

The Vatican has returned three fragments of the Parthenon sculptures to Greece in a move that could increase pressure on the British Museum to do the same.The sculptures, which represent a horse and two male heads, were originally created as part of the famous Parthenon temple in Athens but had been held in the Vatican…

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