Seasoned Mini Dress by Water Witch Creations

Bitch! I'm not old. I'm marinated and seasoned.
Seasoned Racerback Dress (AOP) (

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Do you believe in paying Black women for our labor? This is a woman I’ve known for some time who has a daughter with autism. As much as I need an electric tricycle, I believe her needs are more pressing, so if you were thinking of buying some of my merch, shop her store first.…

Gerry Finkel Book Launch Celebration – The World According to Gerry

Gerry Finkel Book Launch Celebration

[embed][/embed] At the age of eighty-three, after sixty-one years in his fulfilling profession as an academic pathologist, retirement was a bit of a bummer for Gerry Finkel. What does a man with a sharp mind and intellect, keen wit and a desire to communicate do? He opened the door allowing us to step into The…

True Storytelling in Science – FREE WEBINAR – Capital Storytelling

Science is full of compelling stories. However, we often don’t hear them in the scientific community, despite the fact that they are what engage audiences, compel listeners, and foster creativity among thinkers. Come learn about storytelling in science—the why and how—in a free 1-hour webinar.The webinar will be led by Drs. Lisa Cantrell and Tamara…

BuzzFeed Bites Beryl Shereshewsky and Sics Lawyers On Her to Warn That Concept Theft Isn’t Technically Illegal

BuzzFeed Bites Beryl

[sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] As some of you who read this site regularly already know, Beryl Shereshewsky’s brand of viewer inspired cooking content is unique and uniquely lovable. Though she isn’t the most popular cook on YouTube, she has quite a reasonably substantial and loyal following because nobody really does it the way she does. She…

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