Seasoned Mini Dress by Water Witch Creations

Do you believe in paying Black women for our labor? This is a woman I’ve known for some time who has a daughter with autism. As much as I need an electric tricycle, I believe her needs are more pressing, so if you were thinking of buying some of my merch, shop her store first.

Blessings and Ashe!Bitch! I'm not old. I'm marinated and seasoned.

Seasoned Racerback Dress (AOP) (

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  1. @wynch Read a Ladee Hubbard short story titled B*tch: An Etymology of Family Values, where every other thought or dialog started with “Bitch.” 🤣 This reminds me of that story. (There’s also a Key and Peele skit where they call their partners bitch, but only when they know they can’t hear them. 😂😂😂)

  2. @wynch The dress is great, but the artificially generated image and choice of model is giving me a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

  3. @inspired unfortunately, we have no choice in these things. I mean we have a choice, but the alternatives are things that might get us arrested for selling things without a license and whatnot. Otherwise I would sincerely rather print or draw on t-shirts and sell them on the corner.

  4. @wynch I’m sorry for being so dense. Since this was just a one-off post in my feed I thought this was something you found and liked rather than your own. I totally understand working within a constraint. I like the design and am glad you’re getting it out there.

  5. @inspired Oh no, it’s not mine. A friend of mine is selling these. She has a lot of beautiful things. She also makes ancestor bottles and special gift wrappings.

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