I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 1, 2, and 3)

In his most recent documentary series on Netflix, Hancock postulates the existence of an ancient lost civilization that dominated the world at the end of the last ice age. Throughout this series I will be taking a balanced look at this claim, weighing each piece of evidence presented, in an attempt to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence for it. ADDENDUM: At 48:00 I mistakenly class the Zigurrat at Ur as a burial structure. In reality, the Ziggurat was a temple to the Goddess of the moon. In research I got this crossed with the Royal Cemetary at Ur. Thank you to all who caught this miscategorization.

Part 2

Part 3


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I Watched Ancient Apocalypse So You Don’t Have To (Part 1) from YouTube

Howdy friends! In this video, we begin our deep dive into the wonderful and imaginative world of Graham Hancock, journalist, sociologist, pseudoscientist, and pyramid enthusiast.

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