Documentary Center of Historical Memory – Salamanca, Spain – Atlas Obscura

In the old city of Salamanca, inside a small museum about the Spanish Civil War in the National Historical Archive building, you can find a strange area dedicated to Freemasonry, featuring an impressive Masonic lodge and a remarkable collection of seized objects.The display looks strange and out of place the first time you see it without knowing its curious background. This is partly because, in spite of its modern look and disposition, the museum was created in 1938 by a member of dictator Francisco Franco’s government (Marcelino de Ulibarri) to scare the public about the dangers of Masonry.

Source: Documentary Center of Historical Memory – Salamanca, Spain – Atlas Obscura

Documentary Center of Historical Memory (Atlas Obscura)

An unusual but excellent display created in the 1930s as propaganda against the Freemasons.

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