March 27, 2023

Ranveer Singh

Earlier, actress Mimi Chakraborty reacted to Ranveer’s pictures and asked if this photoshoot was done by any female actor instead of Ranveer., what would have been the reaction? She tweeted, “Internet broke with Ranveer singh’s latest photoshoot and comments were (mostly).Just wondering if the appreciation would hav been same if she was a woman.Or would u have burned her house down,taken up morchas given her a death threat and slut shamed her.” She further wrote, “We talk about Equality where is that now??!!!!You know right its your perspective that can change something or destroy it totally. In this case lets broaden our perspective coz that body comes with a lot of sacrifice trust me (No salt, No sugar, No carbs…).”

Source: Ranveer Singh lands into legal trouble for nude photoshoot; Police complaint filed against him for ‘hurting women’s sentiments’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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