Soft Idli With Idli Sambar & 2 Chutneys | Best Combination Village Recipes | The Traditional Life

Dear Traditional Lifers, This Video is EP20 You are going to watch 2 days of our routine in this video, On the 1st day noon Valar has started preparations to make Idli batter for the next day breakfast, so in the morning itself she has soaked all the ingredients needed to make Idli batter cox all those should be soaked up to 5 hours then after doing some works she has started grinding batter by our Tamil tradition method using stone grinder, meanwhile I was in our land in the preparation to plant rice plants next day and while returning home I have got a special item for Valar given by my aunt, it’s her favourite so she enjoyed apply it on her hands (Henna) We slept after finishing our dinner, forgot to say-henna looks very beautiful on Valar’s hand 🙂

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