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Bento style hotdog art is based on the premise that the hotdog will puff, curl, and then contract when it is cooked.  So when you cut the patterns in the hotdog, they will split apart when heat is applied.
Try these designs, modify them to your liking, and make new ones of your own.  Remember that this isn’t an exact science.  How your hotdog comes out depends on a variety of factors including what kind of hotdogs they are.  100% meat hotdogs tend to puff and brown better.

How to read the pattern:

Black lines = Cut all the way through
Blue lines = Cut partially or halfway through


prawndog pattern

  1. Cut a slit of about 1.5 cm. at one end of the hotdog.
  2. Cut diagonal partial slices, starting at about 1 cm. above the bottom slit.
  3. Use cloves or pointed bits of a firm vegetable or herb for the eyes.
  4. Gently curve the hotdog to fit into the compartment.


octodog pattern

  1. Cut three slits through the middle of the weiner.
  2. Turning 90 , cut one slit down the middle.
  3. Turning back 90 , cut the hotdog diagonally.
  4. Cut small slits on each side, where the eyes should be.
  5. Push a pea or other small piece of a vegetable under the eye slots

Crab-dogcrabdog pattern

  1. Partially split the hotdog down the middle, open, and lay flat.
  2. Cut the slits as directed in the image.
  3. Gently curve the middle and back legs a little under the body.
  4. Gently curve the front legs forward.


squidog pattern

  1. Cut three slits, from one end, to the middle.
  2. Turn 90 , and cut one slit from the end to the middle.
  3. Turn back 90 , and carefully cut until halfway, the excess aside of the shape of the head.  Make sure to leave the bottom half.
  4. Cut slits for the eyes.
  5. Stick a small pea or another bit of vegetable, in the eye slots.


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