The festivals of Benin, the land of Voodoo and masks

Every year, on January 10th, Benin celebrates the ancestral cults that are the foundation of the various forms of traditional religion practiced in the country. On this day, all the voodoo adepts from the south of the country meet in Ouidah. A large procession of adepts, those on foot, those on motorbikes, those in taxi brousse, go to the Door of Non-Return. The celebration riches its best when the Dagbo Houno, the supreme feticheur of Ouidah, arrives.Dances, libations, masks and some official speeches are all part of the programme. In the evening, Ouidah, exhausted, but not yet completely satisfied, continues the festival in the intimacy of the courtyards.

Source: The festivals of Benin, the land of Voodoo and masks

The festivals of Benin, the land of Voodoo and masks by Redazione MoodMama (

The festivals of Benin are well known in the whole West Africa. Every year in January, the festivals’ season starts with the Voodoo festival. Voodoo rituals Voodoo is not simple black magic, as most of Western people think. In reality, it is a rich and complex religion which makes sense and gives order to the […]

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