March 24, 2023
hold on to my fur

Magic Jones – Hold On To My Fur (Talking Cat Song) [The Kiffness Cover] from YouTube

So, I can’t thank Paul enough (you know who you are) for showing me the video of a guy named “The Kiffness” putting words in a cat’s mouth and making a song out of it. Basically, it’s a talking cat song. When I saw Oh Long Johnson 2.0 I immediately knew I had to cover it – and insanity ensued. I’ve never had so much fun putting a song together, and I’ve never had a cat be my lead singer, but I can’t help but smile watching what happened. Below is a link to the original cat video, as well as The Kiffness video which inspired it all.

Please enjoy my new rock song, “Hold On To My Fur”

Original cat video by @骄傲的大肥兔 on Douyin:

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