Magic Jones – Hold On To My Fur (Talking Cat Song) [The Kiffness Cover]

hold on to my fur
Magic Jones – Hold On To My Fur (Talking Cat Song) [The Kiffness Cover] from YouTube

So, I can’t thank Paul enough (you know who you are) for showing me the video of a guy named “The Kiffness” putting words in a cat’s mouth and making a song out of it. Basically, it’s a talking cat song. When I saw Oh Long Johnson 2.0 I immediately knew I had to cover it – and insanity ensued. I’ve never had so much fun putting a song together, and I’ve never had a cat be my lead singer, but I can’t help but smile watching what happened. Below is a link to the original cat video, as well as The Kiffness video which inspired it all.

Please enjoy my new rock song, “Hold On To My Fur”

Original cat video by @骄傲的大肥兔 on Douyin:


The Curious Case of the Capybara

Guinea Big
The Curious Case of the Capybara (YouTube)

1st video of 20203! Appreciate y’all being patient, as you can imagine, these videos aren’t exactly quick to make (but hopefully worth it).Music from:Lakey I…

[embed][/embed] Exploring the wonders of one of the world’s cutest but bad-assed beings, the capybara, or as it is known henceforth, the “guinea-big”.

International Raccoon Day

Raccoon Whisperer

[embed][/embed] International Raccoon Day, Angie had a big spread set out for them to eat tonight, Sardines, Cherrios, Marshmallows, Hotdogs, Vienna Sausages and we now have water now that the power is restored. But the big news is that the Raccoon Whisperer got married! Congratulations!    

NY bird-watcher Christian Cooper gets National Geographic TV show : NPR

Christian Cooper, the bird-watching Black man who was the target of false accusations during an encounter in New York City’s Central Park in 2020, has a new TV show airing on National Geographic.The channel announced this week that Cooper, a lifelong bird-watcher, will host a series called Extraordinary Birder. In the series, Cooper will take…

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