The Fake Welsh Bard Runes of Iolo Morgannwg, Druid and Forger!

Iolo Morgannwg was a poet, a writer, a hymnalist, a proud Cymro, and a total forger and faker of historical documents. He was mates with William Blake, wrote beautiful poems, made up a Bardic alphabet of runes, faked dozens of medieval manuscripts and passed them off successfully as real, and basically invented modern druidry and the Welsh Eisteddfod as it’s still celebrated today, all at the end of the 18th century as the French Revolution, American Revolution, and the Enlightenment were in full swing. He’s a fascinating and divisive figure, a genuinely talented poet, and someone I think deserves to be better known, if only for the audacity of his forgeries! Anyway, join Jimmy in exploring the work and legacy of this fascinating figure in Welsh folklore and literature! Mwynhewch! Y gwir yn erbyn y byd!

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