March 24, 2023
Peaceful statue among leaves in the forest.
Photo of a child Buddha statue among leaves in the forest by Amanda Flavell
Photo by Amanda Flavell

The First Purge

The first time I lost everything, I was five years old. For most American boys, the first introduction to shaving (or “buzzing”) your head comes from when you first get lice. I remember my mother led me to the back porch. There, she buzzed my head outside, took me to the bathtub, and scrubbed my scalp. Soon, it was time to lose my toys too.

Source: Are Possessions Inherently Bad? Must I Give Them All Away to Be Happy? | by Patrick Stewart | Mar, 2023 | The Taoist Online

Patrick Stewart (Patrick Stewart on Medium)

Can you have nice things and inner peace at the same time?

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