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150 Years Old Recipe: Hünkârbeğendi | Recipe of a Palace Dish with Its Story

[embed][/embed] Hünkârbeğendi is a delicious Turkish dish inherited from the palace periods of Ottoman and made it to our days. It’s prepared by making a puree using eggplants and flavoring it with bechamel sauce, then served with meat on top with a mouthwatering sauce. Along with a great recipe, it also carries a great story.…

Shocking Food in Senegal!! SEASHELL ISLAND – Food + Culture in West Africa! – YouTube

JOAL-FADIOUTH – Welcome to the peaceful town and island of Joal-Fadiouth, on the West Coast of Africa in Senegal. They are known for being a fishing village and for Fadiouth, which is an entire island made from seashells built upon each other. The village is home to both Christians and Muslims living in harmony. Today we’re eating a couple of local meals, including a massively spicy pepper fish soup and exploring the amazing culture of this island.


[embed][/embed] In today’s video, I’m sharing 3 quick and easy boba recipes that you need to try! These are my favorite to whip up whenever I’m craving boba because they’re so cheap, fast, easy, and I don’t even need to leave my house. I share my cheese tea recipe/salted cheese recipe, easy brown sugar boba…

BuzzFeed Bites Beryl Shereshewsky and Sics Lawyers On Her to Warn That Concept Theft Isn’t Technically Illegal

BuzzFeed Bites Beryl

[sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] As some of you who read this site regularly already know, Beryl Shereshewsky’s brand of viewer inspired cooking content is unique and uniquely lovable. Though she isn’t the most popular cook on YouTube, she has quite a reasonably substantial and loyal following because nobody really does it the way she does. She…

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