102-year-old Japanese sweets! The wife continues to sell by the method taught by her husband | 102 歳のわらびもち!ご主人から伝授されたわらび餅を奥さんが売り続ける

Selling bracken-starch dumplings by bicycle, run by a 102-year-old husband. However, last year, her husband entered a nursing home. His wife, Megumi, has now taken over the job from her husband and is working hard selling warabi mochi. She starts making her Japanese sweets at four in the morning.

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Why It’s So Hard to Conform to Japanese Social Norms | Japanese React to Paolo fromTokyo’s Video – YouTube

“I want to live in Japan, what should I be aware of?” This is the most common question we receive in comments and messages. However, those of us who were born and raised in Japan do not always understand the differences between other cultures that clearly. So this time, we would like to share our opinions with you through a video by a famous Youtuber.