In ‘Walks of Life,’ Migwa Nthiga Photographs the Communities Most Impacted by the Climate Crisis — Colossal

Migwa Nthiga Photographs the Communities Most Impacted by the Climate Crisis

Those living near Lake Turkana in northern Kenya have been experiencing the brunt of the climate crisis. Already a dry, arid region, recurring droughts have left communities without water for animals, crops, and drinking, requiring people to leave their homes for more stable and fertile landscapes.“Tribes could walk hundreds of kilometers in search for greener…

The Abandoned Bethlehem Lackawanna Steel Company | Abandoned America

Lackawana Steel

The Lackawanna, NY branch of Bethlehem Steel was started in the mid 19th century as an iron forge by the Scranton brothers in a Pennsylvania town that would come to be named after them. Despite some gruesome incidents with labor strikes due to frequent pay cuts, the company prospered and became the second largest producer…

Who is at the manger? Nativity sets around the world show each culture’s take on the Christmas story


For many Christians around the world, celebrating the Nativity, or the birth of Jesus Christ, is the most important part of the Christmas season.Among the most common Christmas traditions are small sets of figures depicting Joseph, Mary and Jesus that are displayed in individual homes, and live reenactments of the manger scene in communities and…

Boarding Up a Boarding School: The Abandoned Saint Katherine’s Academy*

Saint Katherine Academy

“St. Katherine’s Academy was built in 1899 by a prominent citizen of the town and avid preservationist. It was originally a small country inn, a premiere destination for the elite from surrounding cities.In the 1950’s the inn was sold to the Sisters of St. Katherine who reopened the inn as a girls’ boarding school. After…

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