This Ancient Civilization Wasn’t Discovered Until 2001 | Jiroft: Iran’s Lost Civilization

Jiroft: Iran's Lost Civilization - an interestingly sculpted pot with a figure of a dancing person with an orange stone on their belly, and a surprised person standing to its screen right.
This Ancient Civilization Wasn’t Discovered Until 2001! Jiroft: Iran’s Lost Civilization from YouTube

#mesopotamia #Iran #Archaeology
In 2001, a flash flood on a plain in southern Iran, exposed the archaeological remains of a previously unknown ancient civilization. The beautiful and captivating finds that came out of the ground brought to light the 4,000 year old Bronze Age culture that prospered alongside the likes of the Indus and Mesopotamian civilizations. An ancient, possibly mythological city whos discovery could forever change our understanding of history, like that of the legendary Troy and elusive Punt. This is Jiroft: Iran’s Lost Civilization

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