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Unraveling the Tangled Web of QAnon Conspiracies and Wellness Devotees: An Interview With ‘Conspirituality’ Podcast Host Matthew Remski by Erin BunchErin Bunch (

This strange alliance isn’t as strange as it may seem.

[sc name="voicemasc" ][/sc]   The roots of modern yoga, alt health, and New Age spirituality are tangled with fascist movements of the early 20th century. It’s no secret that Nazis were enthralled by yoga and its esoteric promise of a super human, super-purified body. They turned to India—or rather, their own orientalist dreams of India—for…

Traditional Clothing of Sri Lanka |

Srilankan Clothing

[sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] Originally, Sri Lankan people generally went topless, or only draped part of their clothing over their chests and shoulders when needed. Later, with the arrival of the Portuguese, widespread European colonist Christian ideology gave people the idea that the sight of women’s breasts was sinful. So much of what is “traditionally” worn…