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Chakula cha Mchana Part Two: Coffee

Serious Coffee

[sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] Basics | Coffee | Recipes In modern Africa, and the Levant, coffee is an important part of life.  There’s even a special super-strong bitter coffee that is usually served at weddings and holidays.  Without it, an event just wouldn’t be the same.  Normally though, coffee is served very mildly sweet, and often…

Chakula cha Mchana! Time for lunch

Roasted Cauliflower

[sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] Chakula cha Mchana! (Swahili for, “Time for lunch!”) Basics | Coffee | RecipesLong before the first bento box was laquered in Japan, Africans were carrying their lunches to school and work.  The traditions vary from country to country and across ethnic groups.  I haven’t managed to find any specific information on special…

Summer Shopping on a Budget: Caftans

Modern Traditional

 [sc name="voicefem" ][/sc] Caftans are very simple dresses that are basically made from sewing together rectangular panels. They are very simple to make, or very inexpensive to buy ready made. The African styles often come with a matching “gelee” that can be used as a head wrap, khimar (“hijab” scarf), sash, or neck or hip scarf.…

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