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A symbol of Indigenous genocide: “The Man of the Hole” dies in Brazil

[sc name="voicemasc" ][/sc] An Indigenous man known as “The Man of the Hole” has died in Brazil. He was the last member of his tribe, and the only inhabitant of Tanaru Indigenous Territory in Rondonia state, in the western Brazilian Amazon.The rest of his people had been massacred in a series of attacks from the…

Netflix’s Manti Te’o’s Documentary Is Actually About Healing

For days in January 2013, the biggest news story in the country was the revelation that a 21-year-old college football star had dedicated his season to a dead girlfriend who didn’t exist.Te’o was already pretty famous before most of us knew anything about his relationship. He was a charismatic, talented, God-fearing linebacker at Notre Dame,…

Top 10 PASTA MISTAKES | How to Cook Perfect Pasta – YouTube

Before I met Eva, I used to think I knew everything there was to know about cooking pasta. Turns out, I was making just about every mistake possible and missing out on a lot of deliciousness. Today, Eva’s going to take us through the top 10 pasta mistakes that I used to make, and give tips on how to correct them for cooking perfect pasta every time.


[embed][/embed] Demonology is a treatise on witchcraft and the occult written by King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England), first published in 1597. The book was a major influence on the Puritan witch hunters of the 17th century, including Matthew Hopkins (the infamous “Witchfinder General” of the English Civil War) and the…

New Thoughts on Societal Changes in Bronze Age Crete – Archaeology Magazine

ONTARIO, CANADA—According to a statement released by McMaster University, Tristan Carter and his colleagues examined Bronze Age obsidian blades unearthed at Malia on the island of Crete in order to investigate the idea that Mycenaeans from the Greek mainland had invaded the island. This invasion hypothesis is suggested by changes in local Minoan language, burial…

Renewed Ophel Excavations Uncover 70 C.E. Jerusalem Destruction – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Recently completed archaeology excavations on Jerusalem’s Ophel have revealed more of a massive 2000-year-old, Second Temple period public building that is connected to a unique square pool or mikveh (ritual bath). The excavation also uncovered remains of the 70 C.E. destruction at the hands of the Romans, including coins from the final year of…

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