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Norwegian Viking Food

Archeological excavations have uncovered many such cooking pits where the Vikings baked some of their food. Many of these holes are extra large which indicates that the Norwegian Vikings cooked whole, large animals.This method of cooking is dated back to 700 AD, according to the archeologist, who was in charge of cooking the lamb “The Norwegian Viking way”at the school’s recent Viking Celebration/Viking Fest.Many people were gathered to find out how the Norwegian Vikings prepared their food and to sample the delicacy prepared by the archeologist himself, using an ancient method.

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1,000 Year-old Viking Jewelry Found On Danish Farm

Archaeologists have uncovered several pieces of elite Viking jewelry on a modest farm in Denmark that date back between the late seventh to the early 11th centuries.The site, called Vestervang, is located across a farmstead in Zealand, Denmark. It was slated for residential development, but work in the area revealed traces of a late Iron Age settlement — including the remains of 18 longhouses and 21 pit houses. These habitations weren’t constructed at the same time, but were built up over time in six phases over the span of four centuries.

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