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Haiti Earthquake Relief Information

Haiti Earthquake Survivors

Haiti earthquake survivors need food, water, and shelter.

Aid workers are struggling to get food and water to Haitians who have been struck by the latest massive earthquake.  In one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere, relief efforts are hindered by lack of infrastructure, looting, and low building standards.  The country was already in crisis, and this has made things even worse.

If you’d like to donate online, go to Network for Good’s page on Haiti Earthquake Relief for links to many organizations that are active there now, and need help.

You can also donate through your cellular phone, and have it come out as part of your bill.  As far as I know, this can only be done from the U.S.  I’ll post international links and numbers if I can find any.

American Red Cross Haiti Relief  Text ‘Haiti’ to “90999” to donate $10. You can also make a donation by calling 1-800-REDCROSS. (this will be charged to your cell phone bill)

Yele Haiti (Wyclef Jean’s organization) Text Yele to “501501” to donate $5 (this will be charged to your cell phone bill)

Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Relief Fund Text “HAITI” to “20222” to donate $10  (this will be charged to your cell phone bill)

Thanks, Khamit Kinks, for the cell phone donation information.

If you can’t donate money, you can help out by lending a hand to volunteer organizations sending teams to help find survivors and rebuild.  You can also support your local Haitian diaspora by cooking, being present, and helping them out in practical ways because many are out of communication with their families in Haiti.  It can be very emotionally crushing to not have any word from home when a disaster strikes.  It would be nice for them to not have to worry about certain day to day issues while they are worrying and waiting for calls.