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How to Apply Lipstick for Women with Dark Skin

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Lipstick application is very easy.  Just remember that you should tke good care of them so they're not dry and cracked looking.
Often, our lips are two different colors or very much darker or lighter than the rest of our face.  So to even things out, when you put on foundation, put some on your lips too.
To make the lips more defined, you want to use a lip liner that compliments the color you want to wear.  It shouldn't be too dark, but it shouldn't be too bright either.  It will make the lips look too huge if it is too bright.

Our example for this is warm colored, so we're using a brown lip liner with a warm coral lipstick.

Draw a line around the edges of the lips.

Now brush the lipstick on so that it covers the lips, and just barely blends with the lip liner.  You can see how the line of the lip liner defines the shape and makes a better transition from the lip color to the skin color.
For this technique, we're going to use a dark cool colored example.  What we want to do here is give the lips definition, but also some dimension.
Again, you'll put some foundation on your lips while you're putting it on the rest of your face.
Now, on a dark person, almost any color but black is going to look a little lighter on them.  This is okay since as long as the lip liner is darker than the lipstick, it's doing the job.  So we'll use for this example, a purple lip liner and red lipstick.
If you want to make the lips stand out alot, then apply the lipstick just inside the line from the lipliner.  You can choose more or less by how much or how little you decide to cover the line.
To give the lower lip a pouty look, apply a lighter color to the center of the lip.  An eyeshadow or shimmer powder works best for this, since you're not adding another layer of oiliness to the lips.
Then blend the lighter color in with the lipstick.
Many women of color don't really need lipstick, but lipgloss.  The lips are already often dark enough, so if one isn't wearing dramatic eye makeup, then a striking thick coat of lipstick might seem unbalanced.

...and that's the basics of makeup for women with darker skin.  If you have any questions, feel free to write me at

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