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How to Wear a Middle Eastern Turban Veil

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The half turban or turban-veil is a beautiful style for when you want to do something a little different.  It's really "desert dweller" looking, and lots of things can be done to make it more formal.

To wear this style, you'll need a long scarf.  If you have a small head, you can get away with standard pashmina size, but if you have a big head or thick hair, you might need something a bit longer.

How to Wear a Turban-veil

Figure out how much of the length of the scarf will need to go around your head one and a quarter times, and twist this.  Put your head into the resulting "cap".  Be mindful of where the inner edge of the rest of the scarf is.
Bring the inner edge of the right side of the scarf to the left side, and the twisted end of the scarf to the left side.
You should have some bunching in the back.  This is normal, especially if you brought both edges under your hair.
Bring the twisted end around your head, and then tuck it under. 
Bring the inner edge of the scarf that is dangling on the right side, backwards around to the left side.

Tuck it under the twisted part or pin it in place.  If you have enough of it left, pin it at the top of your head, and let it drape back down the left side.
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