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How to Wear a Middle Eastern Shayla Scarf

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The shayla is a popular style among both Muslim and Christian middle eastern women who are into head covering.  It is a scarf stylishly wrapped to frame the face, and can be worn either somewhat strictly or loosely, depending on one's preference.  Christian woman like this one because it is modest without looking too restrictive, when it is worn with the hair showing.  Many progressive Muslim women like it because it's comfortable, flexible, beautiful, and modest all at once.

Druze women also sometimes wear a loose white scarf in a similar style.

You will need a large rectangular or pashmina type of scarf.  It also helps to have an underscarf bonnet, band, sun visor, or baseball cap.

How to Wear a Shayla

Take one corner of the scarf, and pin it to your underscarf or secure it to your hair with a strong barette or hair pin.
Wrap the side border around your face.  It may help it to stay in place if you  pin the other side or the top of the head as well.
Toss what's left of the scarf over your shoulder. 

This is the basic shayla, but I've found that since I have long hair, the ends poke out at the bottom in the back.  So I figured out another way to do this.  It probably  has another name in Arabic, but I just call it a long hair shayla.

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