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How to Wear a Middle Eastern Scarf

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The most common way to wear a scarf in the middle east and Asia is khimar style.  It is easy to do, beautiful, and comfortable.  It doesn't bind too much around the face, and allows the shoulders and arms a full range of motion while at the same time, protecting the wearer from the sun and non consensual viewing.

Khimar are also available ready made.  Modern women and school girls often opt for the Al Amira type that are already sewn into a sort of conical tube that one can just slip on and go.  Here are instructions for wearing a regular large scarf khimar style.

You will need a large square or pashmina type of scarf.

How to Wear a Khimar

Center the scarf over your head so that one of the side borders runs across your forehead.
Holding onto the border, tuck it behind your ears.  To keep it secure you can either pin the scarf in the back, or put a barette behind each ear,
Move your hands, and let the sides fall naturally.  You may need to play with the folds at the sides of your head a bit to keep it from looking asymmetrical or lumpy.
Lay your hands on the sides of your head, and slide them towards your chin.  Where your wrists meet is about where you should pin the scarf together.  Some people choose to put a pin on the outside, while others reach under the scarf to pin it from the inside.  Some even like to pin a cloth bow here.  It's your choice. 

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