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Color Bubble: Mixed Tone

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Makeup for Dark Skin Mixed Tone Color Bubble
Some people have both reddish-bluish and yellow undertones to their skin.  They are usually on the darker side of medium, and look somewhat more burnt sugar orange in winter, and dark reddish brown in summer.  Some shift almost completely between cool and warm depending on the season and their age.  If you're somewhat dark, but you and others can tell very well when you're blushing, this might be you.

The truth is that you're a warm, but for some reason, even though you've got plenty of melanin, your skin surface didn't form the kind of thickness shield that other warms, some even lighter skinned than you have.  You probably have dry sensitive skin too, so take care to moisturize morning and night, and to use gentle cleansers.  It's suggested that you only clean your face with cool water or a non lathering wipe-off cleanser, and do peeling (exfoliation) *only* once a week.  You may also benefit from nightly vitamin enriched serum application under your night cream.

You can wear both cool and warm colors, but test anything before you buy.  You would do well to keep a collection of kits because your tones change with the seasons and with age.  So you'll need black, navy blue, and dark brown eyeliner.  Also, get a variety of lipsticks.  For you, the best is to buy lipstick and/or gloss in pots, and many brushes so that you can mix colors to suit your needs.


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