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Color Bubble: Warm Medium

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Makeup for Dark Skin Warm Medium Color Bubble
The warm medium complexion has to be very careful of blues and pinks.  Frosty pink just looks plain horrid, so test any "apricot" or "peach" colors on the skin before buying.  In fact, test everything, but be especially aware of anything lighter than yourself.  The glitter or mica in it may reflect a bluish color instead of golden or translucent.

Silvers usually make you look ashen, so if you like a smoky eye or metal black eyeliner, get the ones with gold glitter rather than silver.

Though it is very tempting to wear gold lipstick when you are this complexion, don't.  It looks too whitish.  Opt instead for varying shades of darker bronze or copper.

Never ever wear blue or anything close to a blue eyeshadow.  It will look like you have garage doors for eyes.


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